Next Gen Data and AI Products and Offerings

There is an abundance of enterprise data, yet organizations grapple with timely access to relevant insights. Incedo’s Data & AI Solutions tackle critical business problems and deliver KPI impact for enterprises to leverage opportunities, scale and transform into data-first organizations, and accelerate Digital Transformation.

Incedo Data Diagnostics: Helping enterprises maximize ROI from Data
Incedo Data ‘Strategy-to-Execution’ Diagnostics

A comprehensive 13-point framework to help enterprises maximize value and ROI from Data. It starts with a quick data health assessment for rapid impact.

It further uncovers deep rooted issues and offers insights and action plans aligned to business priorities, processes, tech, and operating models to transform your data landscape into a strategic advantage.

A platform that boosts Productivity, transforms end-to-end SDLC, enhances Customer Operations and drives Innovation. It contextualizes data to help enterprises realize Generative AI’s business value.

brAInspark is powered by Incedo’s proprietary Generative AI Model Hub and enables AI-powered collaboration, ecosystem integration, upholds security and compliance and is adaptable to future technological advancements.

AI-enabled automated decisioning platform that serves as a business and data analyst for your enterprise and accelerates Data-to-Insights-to-Action journey across critical Business KPIs.

KPI tree-based approach drives problem discovery and decomposition. AI/ML algorithms enable anomaly detection and real-time issue identification.

Self-serve insights facilitate targeted interventions, experimentation and help in real-time monitoring of impact

AI-generated rule-based monitoring, detection, transformation platform to help solve enterprise data quality issues at the intersection of business context and technology enablement.

It offers AI-enabled insights-across the data lifecycle and is integrated with Incedo brAInspark Generative AI platform. The DQ Health Visual Command Centre helps prioritize and action data quality processes to deliver measurable impact.

Businesses are embracing cloud infrastructure to scale their operations. Those already on cloud are grappling with soaring expenses, while others are striving to navigate their transformation journey.

Incedo CloudXpert expedites cloud savings, with a ‘5 day rapid assessment’ to tailor the perfect FinOps solution, delivering superior business and operational outcomes.

A cloud native modern data infrastructure to enable data integration, management, visibility, and real time access for complexity reduction.

Architectural pattern brings together diverse data sources and systems for enterprise use cases while enforcing data governance. It allows multi-structured data capabilities to ease data-driven decisioning processes

What makes Incedo different

Strategy to Execution Partner

Helps enterprises to maximize value from data and returns on AI investments.

Integrated Capabilities

End-to-end capabilities across the Data Value Chain: Data-strategy and architecture, foundation, insights and AI, and Operations.

Innovative Data Solutions

Expedite enterprise data modernization journey and AI-driven transformative value creation.

Incedo’s Data and AI Capabilities – from Strategy to Execution

Diagnostics and Advisory

Incedo Data ‘Strategy-to-Execution’ Diagnostic

Data Diagnostics services to help enterprises define ‘what’ & ‘how’ across their Data Architecture and maximize value and ROI from Data

Data Ingestion, Engineering & DWH Modernization

Integrate data from multiple sources with agility to improve data management, scalability, and performance.

Data Governance in Cloud

Enhance trust in your organizational data with robust policies, processes, and security standards.

Data Migration Factory

A planned approach to accelerate migration for rapid iteration of solutions and faster speed-to-market.

Data Products

Innovative Digital, Data & AI products, ‘Data as a service’ and ‘Data as Insights’ offerings enhance user experience and drive automated decision making to help you stay ahead of the competition.

AI/ML Model Build & Implementation

Data driven KPI based approach for domain specific model training and tuning, model inference & serving, model monitoring & re-training to detect and resolve key business issues.

BI and Visualization

Our command center utilizes visualization, KPI & metrics frameworks, Data Marts and BI to enable executives monitor and swiftly respond with informed decisions.

DataOps and MLOps

Our DataOps and MLOps promote cross-functional collaboration to improve reliability, efficiency, and quality of your enterprise data. Our KPI based approach aligns machine learning models with business goals.

Ongoing Data Management and Support

Our expertise helps enterprises optimize data operations, maximize value from data, and maintain rigorous data governance standards. We enable timely data access and business continuity for disruption free workflows.

Success Stories/Business Impact

Unlocking the transformational Generative AI Potential by Mastering the Data Paradox

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