Incedo DQxpert

Proactively identify and remediate Data Quality Challenges with AI-first Approach

Challenges with Enterprise Data Quality for Businesses

Navigating Enterprise Data Complexity

Enterprise data initiatives cost too much, take too long and still do not guarantee good quality of insights.

Taming the Software Sprawl

The increasing number of tools and data sources lead to complex responsibilities for data teams, making it harder to manage data effectively.

Elevating Data Quality Amid Rising Expectations

In an era where data fuels business advantage, expectations from data consumers have soared. From hyper-personalized CX to evolving compliance requirements, the demand for high-quality data has never been greater.

Incedo’s 3- Step Approach to Unlock Real value from Enterprise Data

Emphasis on Quality as a Function of Business Context

Leverage AI-First Approach to Uncover Hidden Data Issues

Real-time, Automation and Integration of Issue identification and Remediation

Overcome Data Quality Challenges with AI-enabled Incedo DQxpert

AI and ML models need quality, relevant and accurate data to uncover critical business issues, undetected by deterministic rules. Automated integration of issues with remediation is key to business agility and success. To maximize value from data, enterprises need to proactively identify, remediate, and monitor data quality issues.

Incedo DQXpert

An AI-enabled platform that solves Data Quality issues at the cusp of Business Context and Technology Enablement. It then prioritizes and actions data quality processes to deliver measurable impact.

Rapid DQ Health Assessment

Uncover quick impact issues in 2 weeks with our Enterprise Use Case and Metrics based approach.

Deep-Dive DQ Diagnostics

Unearth deep-rooted issues, with recommendations and detailed action plan.

Make informed decisions based on accurate information and reliable insights. Engineering enablers improve definition & coverage of DQ rules, monitor issues and define remediation actions for in-production processes. Command Centre monitors real-time DQ Health, based on business objectives.

Key Differentiators of DQXpert

Conceptualized for use cases across the Enterprise

End-to-end AI-assisted DQ Lifecycle

Integrated with Incedo’s GenAI Platform ‘brAInspark’

Seamless Integration with Data Pipelines

Deep Pattern and Anomaly Detection

Visualize DQ health and Track Actions

Business Impact

Reduction in operational overheads for asset reporting
0 %
Improvement in Salesforce adoption by Solving DQ Issues
0 %
Gains in CSAT with increased accuracy of portfolio reports
0 %

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