Maximize Cloud Savings with Incedo’s Cloud Cost Optimization Platform​

Cloud Cost Management is a Critical Challenge Faced by Many Firms in the Digital Age

Robust cloud management capabilities are essential for sustainable value from cloud investments. Inadequate cloud cost management leads to erroneous demand forecasting, over-provisioned resources, and poor financial accountability. Save on your cloud spends with Incedo CloudXpertTM. It fixes issues that increase cloud spends, and continuously monitors cloud activities and spends to ensure the costs are within the benchmark.

Offerings and Solutions


Streamlined Optimization

Incedo CloudXpertTM offers a detailed breakdown of your expenditures, providing a comparative analysis against industry benchmarks. Empower your business's digital transformation journey with unparalleled speed and precision through our Speedy Optimization solution.


Cloud Cost Reduction

Incedo CloudXpertTM reduces the cost of digital transformation of your business by monitoring cloud spend and tracking actions to enable cost reduction prudent cloud spending within benchmarks.


Increase Cloud Utilization

Incedo CloudXpertTM helps businesses optimize and co-build cloud infrastructure with an intuitive interface, comprehensive AI-assisted Insights to Action Framework, KPI, and benchmark-enabled anomaly detection to increase cloud utilization.

Key Features of Incedo CloudXpertTM

Incedo’s expertise is built on our deep domain knowledge across customer’s value chain, proven Data & AI expertise for Fortune 500 clients and deep capabilities & tech Partnerships for accelerating Digital & Cloud Transformation:

Rapid Evaluation and Cost Insights

Effortlessly assess your expenditure and gain immediate savings insights directly from your invoices.

KPI Exploration and Benchmark Analysis

Delve into key performance indicators, make informed comparisons against benchmarks and extract valuable insights from your spending patterns.

AI-Powered Recommendations

Unlock fast results with our AI tool. Get clear steps to save money and boost efficiency. We analyze data, suggest actions (Create, Retire, etc.), and estimate cost reductions.

Streamlined Service and Cloud Optimization

Optimize your services and cloud infrastructure efficiently, enhancing performance and ensuring cost-effectiveness.

What makes Incedo CloudXpertTM different​

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Key Differentiators of Incedo CloudXpertTM to Maximize Business Value

Top-to-Bottom Evaluation

We meticulously analyze your cloud environment, identifying underutilized resources, services that can be replaced with more cost-effective options, and potential architecture improvements.

We don’t stop at the surface. We delve deep into your existing resources, optimizing configurations and instance types to ensure you’re getting the most out of your cloud investment.

Our platform utilizes the power of AI to guide you through every step of the optimization process, from initial assessment to ongoing cost management. This framework translates insights into actionable recommendations, making it easy to implement cost-saving measures.

See immediate results with our 5-day Rapid Assessment. This program identifies readily available savings opportunities, clearly demonstrating CloudXpert’s value.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your cloud spending in context. We compare your usage patterns to industry benchmarks and key performance indicators, highlighting areas for improvement and ensuring optimized performance.


Cloud cost optimization for a leading US Wealth Management company:

Reduction in potential costs
0 %
Improved Performance by optimizing resource allocation
~ 6 %
Compute reduction by adopting a better server less architecture
0 %

Client Success Stories

We make cloud optimization your competitive advantage, driving tangible business benefits and ROI in the digital age.​

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