integrated with payment channels

Integrated with payment channels

IncedoPay can be integrated with a wide variety of payment channels from ACH, Zelle, Mastercard Send to Prepaid cards and more. Payees can select how they get paid.

Intuitive payee onboarding

IncedoPay’s intelligent, dynamic self-service payee portal helps you effortlessly onboard payees with a best-in-class, web-based payments experience. The platform is designed in a way so that payees can easily submit their details that are needed to get them started.

intuitive payee onboarding
accounts payables made efficient

Accounts payables made efficient

IncedoPay allows you to automate manual accounts payables tasks, so you can spend your time doing more valuable tasks. Now you can eliminate paper and file storage without worrying. You can leverage native integration with multiple ERP systems and reduce payment errors and overheads using PO matching & payments reconciliation.

Real-time insights that provide a seamless experience

With IncedoPay you and your payees will have a real-time, end-to-end, 360-degree view on payments. You will receive a confirmation the moment the payee has been credited and payees will know the amount being received and the time of receipt.

Real time insights provide seamless experience

Our Solutions

incedopay for banks

For Banks

IncedoPay automates the electronic payment processes for your corporate clients. You can also unify all payment processing and orchestration functions in a single service ecosystem.

incedo for enterprises

For enterprises

With IncedoPay you can automate the entire AP process without losing the controls needed. You can also automate the payment approval process with seamless integration with multiple payment channels.

What IncedoPay powers


Digitization of payments

Our platform enables agility and quick adoption of payment innovations and new real-time payment methods that are cashless, cardless and paperless.

automation routine tasks

Automation of routine tasks

The platform automates labor-intensive activities so you can enhance processing speed, improve agility, increase profit margins and uncover new or better revenue streams.

predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics

Our platform powered by predictive analytics allows you to turn data into actionable insights so you can make better decisions. For example, using predictive analytics you can reduce fraud, regulatory and compliance risk.

Incedo featured in the Everest Group Payments IT Services PEAK Matrix 2023



Available on AWS Solution space

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