Tailored Engineering Services for Swift Value Delivery

With over a decade of experience engineering 500+ products and platforms across Hi-Tech, Wealth Management, Telecom, Manufacturing, and BFSI, Incedo offers tailored engineering services for swift value delivery. We understand the need to maintain and enhance existing investments as the landscape evolves. Our services address key trends like cloud migration, data & AI/Gen AI, and security, ensuring end-to-end product ownership – from concept to value engineering. Through DevSecOps, QA automation, and well-defined KPIs, we accelerate platform delivery and create tangible business value. This ensures end-to-end product ownership, from concept to value engineering. We accelerate platform delivery and create business value through well-defined benchmarks and cutting-edge digital technologies.

Segments We Serve


We empower ISVs with cloud, data & AI/Gen AI to accelerate product development and market success. Our comprehensive engineering services unlock the power of these technologies for faster growth.


We optimize network performance and scalability for ISVs. Our engineers offer expertise in routers, switches, firewalls, and wireless technologies.


We help ISVs revolutionize industries with embedded systems and Industry 4.0 solutions. We focus on areas like sensors, edge computing, and predictive maintenance.


We provide ISVs with cutting-edge storage solutions for reliable, secure, and scalable data management.

Segments We Serve


Accelerating ISV Growth with Cloud-Native, AI-Powered Solutions. We provide comprehensive engineering services tailored for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), enabling them to leverage the power of cloud, data & AI/Gen AI, and robust security to achieve end-to-end product development and solutions to achieve market success.


Transforming complex communication networks for optimal performance and scalability in the industrial domain. With deep expertise across Routing, Switching, Firewalls, Network Management, and Wireless technologies (Wi-Fi, WLAN).


Revolutionizing industries through innovative Industry 4.0 solutions. Our comprehensive product development and sustenance services are powered by state-of-the-art digital transformation imperatives leading to faster production and operational efficiencies. Our capabilities enable the entire spectrum of solutions involving Cables & Connectors, Embedded Systems, HMI, Routers and Switches, IIOT Sensors, Edge Computing, Cloud Analytics, and Predictive Maintenance.


Cutting-edge Storage Solutions for seamless data management, ensuring reliability, security, and scalability for diverse markets.

Offerings and Solutions

Incedo empowers your Hi-Tech product lifecycle, from conceptualization to modernization, with solutions tailored to modern trends:


Product Modernization

Revitalize your business with app and data modernization, tech upgrades, cloud migration, and enhanced security.


Cloud & Data Solutions

Leverage our expertise in cloud migration, integration, and AI/GenAI to create scalable and data-driven platforms. (Combines Integration Services & positions Data/AI prominently)


DevOps Integration

Achieve streamlined and secure software development with automated CI/CD pipelines, DevSecOps practices, and infrastructure as code (IaC). (Focuses on DevOps functionalities)


SaaS Product Development

Build agile, secure, and scalable SaaS solutions with multi-tenancy, robust APIs, and regulatory compliance.


Product & Cloud Security

Implement comprehensive security measures for your Hi-Tech products, including IAM, data encryption, and DevSecOps.


QA/Test Automation

Ensure efficient and high-quality software delivery with AI-powered testing, automation, and integration with CI/CD workflows.


Hardware, Electrical & RF Engineering

Design robust and certified electronic solutions for Industrial IoT applications, including circuit design, PCB layout, and value engineering.


Embedded Software Engineering

Develop comprehensive embedded software solutions, from OS & driver development to firmware optimization and sensor networking.

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