What is Incedo Diagnostics?

In this fast-moving and complex Digital landscape,  identifying the right problem to set priorities early on rapidly is critical to stay ahead.  Incedo Diagnostics is a forward-looking approach that clarifies where firms must invest to unlock opportunities to grow and serve their clients better.  

With our rapid assessment and proprietary benchmarking data,  we help identify market opportunities, build seamless customer experiences, and build a prioritized roadmap to help our clients differentiate and win in the market.


Enabling Wealth Management Industry

Incedo is a leading provider of Wealth Management solutions, leveraging extensive knowledge in domains, data management, and emerging technologies. We offer wide range of services across the entire Asset and Wealth Management Value chain, catering to various entities such as TAMPs, broker-dealers, asset managers, RIAs, wealth managers, and full-stack service providers.

Incedo’s solutions enable organizations to effectively manage and grow their clients’ wealth. With a deep understanding of the industry and the latest technological advancements, we help enhance operational efficiency, streamline processes, and provide personalized services to meet the unique needs of their clients.

What we offer

We help wealth management firms in the following areas:

Advisor Journey Diagnostics

Identify and address opportunities in your Advisor journey improving onboarding, proposal generation, portfolio construction, and financial planning. The diagnostic leverages KPI benchmarking, research, and expert insights to provide a detailed roadmap for improving Advisor productivity, engagement, and retention.

Operations Diagnostics

Stay the course and beat uncertainty with our KPI and impact-led Ops Diagnostics. With this assessment, we help you build a roadmap to transform your operating model for the digital age, automate and digitize your processes and enable continuous improvement through impact measurement.

Data Diagnostics

Get a comprehensive view of your firm's data readiness with our maturity assessment across the stages of your data value chain. With this assessment, we help identify high-impact use cases to drive AUM growth and enable data-driven decisions across your organization for significant ROI on data investments.

Advisor Intelligence

Supercharge growth and get the insights you need to stand out in today's crowded marketplace with Advisor Intelligence. Our proprietary datasets with deep insights on Advisor segments, personas, needs, wants and industry trends give the data-driven edge to identify features and capabilities that will set your firm apart from the competition.


reduction in time to onboarding
0 %
improvement in Net flows
0 %
reduction in Advisor churn
0 %
AUM growth
8- 0 %


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