Accelerating the “How” of Digital Transformation for Patients, Payers, and Providers


We bring together our execution capabilities that uniquely combine Digital and Emerging Technologies, healthcare expertise, and operational optimization to deliver high impact business outcomes and to provide unified experience to Patients, Payers, and Providers.

The healthcare industry is undergoing significant changes post COVID-19 era. The ever-changing regulations, government mandates and dynamic patient demographics have made healthcare organizations to seek new IT Solutions. GenAI is taking the center stage in all solutions driving the need for smarter and precise services increasing customer satisfaction and lowering costs. Bringing healthcare and social data together to view whole health of patients is becoming more and more important for keeping the population healthy. Incedo understands these challenges and is very well aligned to meet the innovative needs of the healthcare organizations.

We serve the following healthcare segments



We help payer organizations innovate to improve customer experiences, reduce cost and prepare for the future.



We focus on improving healthcare providers revenue cycle management to minimize their effort in operations and help improve care.



In the digital era, we work with Pharmacy Benefit Managers to build better pricing engines, manage drug utilization and most importantly shift their focus from filling prescreption to be people focused.



We partner with Technology organizations to delivery high quality Healthcare products that solves complex Healthcare problems and improve health outcomes.

Our Platforms for Healthcare

IncedoPay Healthcare

Incedo’s Integrated Payables platform IncedoPay helps reimagine healthcare payments to offer superior experiences and efficiencies through an innovative and complete solution for Patients, Payers, and Providers. Seamless movement of money through a next generation user interface powered by modern AI Tools.

Patient Portal

Patients can send/receive digital payments at ease.

Provider Portal

Providers can receive Patient and Payer digital payments, reconcile payments and much more.

Payer Portal

Send payments to providers and other parties electronically including processing MLR rebates to patients.

Case Study
Indeco’s AI powered Intelligent FWA decision engine helps one of national payer to recover ~$400m of undetected FWA.
Case Study
Data science driven approach to help increase telemedicine patient base for a large healthcare provider.

Our Smart Offerings

Healthcare Organizations take advantage of our digital health offerings, deep healthcare expertise and technology consulting services to deliver a superior unified experience and high-quality care in the most efficient way.


Unified Experience

Providing seamless connected experience for Patients, Providers and Payers.

Patient Engagement

Through our wide range of patient data and analytics increase patient engagement to unbelievable extent.

Intelligent FWA

Identify suspicious entities at various risk levels with our learning algorithms for Outlier detection.

Health Cloud

Improve speed of innovation and increase quality of care taking advantage of Cloud Services.

Lightning Claims

Improve auto adjudication rate and faster processing of claims through our innovative approach.

Smart A&G

Reduce MD review time by using our AI expertise to provide rationale and decisions to approve.

Our Strategic Partners

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