What makes Incedo different

deep domain expertise

Deep domain expertise

Our team has deep expertise in Life Sciences and Healthcare across a multitude of challenges facing this industry.

world class experience design

World-class Experience Design capabilities

Our Design Studio combines design thinking, data science and innovative technology to create patient-centric experiences that deliver also significant business impact.


Proprietary AI and Data platforms

Our proprietary cloud native platforms use AI/ML models to accelerate problem discovery and evaluate and monitor recommended actions.

strong product engineering

Strong product engineering and cloud enablement capabilities

We have strong product engineering and cloud enablement capabilities to speed up and scale launch of digital solutions of your customers.

Case Study

Increase in market share for a market leader in industrial automation and networking systems.

self learning demand forecasts leveraging machine learning
Press Release

Incedo CEO Nitin Seth Recognized as a Life Sciences Industry Leader

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enabling holistic experience

Enabling a holistic experience

A strong execution mindset, backed by compelling digital, analytics and platform capabilities help us to enable cohesive patient engagements.

Our Practice Areas

patient engagement

Patient Engagement

Empower integrated patient engagements

insights to action

Insights to Action

Solve problems with actionable insights

connected care

Connected Care

Reimagine care delivery models

patient engagement

Patient Engagement

Our Patient Experience solution brings together redesign combined with data-driven insights from existing service interactions to deliver targeted interventions. Our offerings include:

  • Patient journey diagnostic— We identify elements of friction across the journey from initial diagnosis, symptoms assessment, condition management to care and assess opportunities for direct interventions by a pharmaceutical or medical device brand. Our deliverables include intent and persona research and multi-model touchpoint analysis.
  • Experience diagnostic— Our proprietary AI platform surfaces root causes for friction in current programs and channel such as co-pay, market access, other brand interventions. We deliver data science models for anomalies and recommended actions.
  • Experience redesign and targeted interventions— Our Design Studio can redesign and deliver improved digital experiences. We can also track and measure uplift from targeted interventions using our AI platforms.

Insights to Action

Our problem solving framework, complemented with our AI platform capabilities, relevant industry domain expertise and data science models, help address challenges in specific areas such as:

  • Channel management insights— Our channel management insights driven by data science models (anomaly detection, real world simulation engine and recommendation engine) provide intelligent forecasting so that you can manage the inventory management processes without risking your reputation with partners and customers.
  • Multichannel marketing and campaign performance— Our domain expertise along with our predictive models will help you to reframe your decision making approaches to brand marketing and campaign management.
  • Payer analysis and contracting strategy optimization— We provide full lifecycle testing services, domain libraries, test data management and anonymization techniques for regulated environments.
  • Patient experience— We provide actionable insights for managing patient experiences across multiple touchpoints. Our AI platform generates granular level insights that will uplift patient experiences across their journey.
insights to actions new
connected care

Connected Care

Our connected care solutions help the MedTech industry to improve health outcomes, lower cost of care and uplift experiences of patients and healthcare staff. We rapidly ideate and launch new digital solutions that holistically deliver value across a patient’s journey by building a closed loop and connected digital ecosystem.

  • Innovation as a service— We can help you with innovation from developing new use cases to care journey interventions. Our platforms allow rapid launch and test of new experiments. We also do a device impact assessment from security, endpoints to regulatory impact.
  • Digital product launch— Our product engineering expertise coupled with our deep cloud enablement capabilities will help you to launch digital solutions for your customers.
  • Closed loop analytics— We partner with you to derive value from a connected ecosystem by developing actionable recommendations for marketing, sales, R&D and patient care. Our solutions include care journey optimization models and next best actions using our proprietary AI platform.

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