Value Proposition

As businesses continue to shift towards cloud-based solutions, Incedo and AWS have forged an alliance to help organizations achieve greater agility, flexibility, and scalability while driving business growth and innovation. Incedo’s deep expertise in digital and analytics solutions combined with AWS’s world-class cloud infrastructure provides a powerful combination to help our customers achieve their business goals.

Incedo's AWS Service Offerings

Incedo offers services designed to help your organization optimize and scale your workloads and applications on the AWS cloud. Our services include:

Cloud Strategy and Architecture

We work with you to understand your specific needs and then develop a cloud strategy roadmap that aligns with your business goals and objectives. In such pursuit, we first initiate a cloud readiness assessment to inform the cloud architecture design so that the whole program is feasible, in terms of both economy and time. Once the cloud platform is up and running, we help you establish cloud governance and management processes that ensure optimal utilization of AWS resources, as well as compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Cloud Optimization

Incedo's cloud transformation expertise shifts from capex to opex, preventing runaway cloud costs. Our cloud optimization spans diagnostics, efficiency, and monitoring, ensuring prudent cloud spending. We tailor FinOps solutions for optimal results. Incedo's AWS cloud migration services fast-track your AWS journey.

Cloud-Native Application Development

We can help you build and deploy cloud-native applications that leverage the full potential of AWS services. We provide end-to-end services in this regard right from application design to full-stack development. These applications are accompanied with Incedo’s serverless computing prowess to optimize cost and performance and eliminate the need for infrastructure management.

Managed DevOps Services

We offer Managed DevOps Services that help you automate your software delivery process, improve collaboration, and reduce time to market. We implement CI/CD pipelines that ensure continuous delivery of high-quality software and accompany it with our automated infrastructure provisioning.

Our Competencies

Incedo’s deep expertise in AWS cloud competencies includes:

AWS Migration Consulting Competency

This offering recognizes Incedo’s ability to design, build, deploy, and manage complex AWS architectures, as well as our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. Incedo delivers faster migration planning by grouping related servers and resources. Further, we provide a single window tracking for application migrations across multiple solutions.

AWS DevOps Competency

We have demonstrated expertise in helping clients automate their software delivery process and improve collaboration using AWS tools and services. Our strength lies in bringing together unassailable engineering, data science, and design so that the platforms are not stuck and fall behind due to departmental silos.


Incedo has set an incredible precedent in this field through path-breaking work for leading companies in finance:
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Incedo has delivered a 3x shift in digital sales in 6 months for a regional bank.
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Incedo has also delivered an 11% reduction in channel cost through the optimization of contact strategy for a Fortune 500 company.
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Incedo made possible an 80% improvement in efficiency and productivity through automated model monitoring for mid-tier banks.


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