In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud computing, organizations strive to enhance operational efficiency, optimize costs, and deliver exceptional performance. One such standout player in the industry is “Incedo,” a pioneering force in the cloud domain. In this article, we delve into the comprehensive Cloud Operations capabilities particularly on AWS platform offered by Incedo and explore the diverse use cases that make them a frontrunner in the industry.

Understanding Cloud Operations

Cloud Operations is a crucial aspect of managing and maintaining cloud-based services, ensuring seamless performance, scalability, and reliability. Incedo with its specialization in AWS cloud computing platform, goes beyond conventional practices to provide a robust suite of services that are designed to streamline processes, enhance security, and drive innovation.

Key Cloud Operations Capabilities at Incedo

  1. Automated Infrastructure Management

    Incedo leverages advanced automation tools to manage and orchestrate infrastructure, minimizing manual interventions and optimizing resource utilization. Through automated scaling, provisioning, and configuration management, Incedo ensures a resilient and agile infrastructure.

    In combination to the Auto Scaling Groups, Incedo leverages AWS CloudFormation to automate the provisioning and management of infrastructure. Through Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Incedo ensures the consistent deployment of resources, reducing the risk of manual errors and enhancing scalability. Templates define AWS resources, and changes are tracked and versioned, ensuring reproducibility and traceability.

  2. Cloud Resource Management

    Manually managing hundreds of thousands of compute instances across environments is a tremendous challenge. Incedo set out to resolve this problem for its customers by building a solution on AWS Systems manager.

    Incedo utilizes the OpsCenter from the AWS Systems manager catalogue for a central location that operations engineers and IT professionals can use to view, investigate, and resolve operational issues related to any AWS resource. Utilizing AWS Incident Manager helps operations teams prepare for incidents with automated response plans. whereas AWS Change Manager provides a central location for operators and engineers to request operational changes (Path management and system upgrades) for their IT infrastructure and configuration.

  3. Continuous Monitoring and Performance Optimization

    Incedo’s state-of-the-art monitoring solutions provide real-time insights into the performance of cloud resources. By utilizing predictive analytics-based cloud solutions, Incedo identifies potential bottlenecks and proactively optimizes workloads for peak efficiency.

    Use of Amazon CloudWatch provides real-time monitoring of AWS resources. Alarms and events are configured to trigger automated responses, ensuring optimal performance and availability. With CloudWatch Metrics, Incedo gains insights into resource utilization, enabling proactive optimization for improved efficiency.

  4. Security and Compliance

    Security is a top priority for Incedo. Their Cloud Operations team implements robust security measures, including encryption of data at rest as well at transit, identity management, and access controls. Incedo ensures adherence to industry-specific compliance standards, instilling confidence in clients regarding the safety of their data.

    Incedo places a strong emphasis on security, utilizing AWS IAM to manage user access and permissions. IAM roles and policies are meticulously configured, ensuring the principle of least privilege. Incedo helps clients achieve and maintain compliance with industry standards by implementing security best practices within the AWS environment.

  5. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

    Incedo’s Cloud Operations extend to comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity planning. With geographically distributed data centres and failover mechanisms, Incedo ensures minimal downtime in the face of unforeseen events.

    Incedo’s disaster recovery strategy involves leveraging AWS Backup for centralized backup management and AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (CloudEndure) for seamless replication and failover. This combination ensures business continuity by minimizing downtime and data loss in the event of disruptions.

  6. Cost Optimization

    The Cloud Operations team at Incedo excels in cost management and optimization. Through effective budgeting, utilization tracking, and rightsizing of resources, Incedo helps clients achieve cost efficiencies without compromising on performance. 

    Incedo’s technical approach to cost optimization involves using AWS Cost Explorer to visualize, understand, and manage costs effectively. AWS Trusted Advisor is employed to analyse an organization’s AWS environment and provide recommendations for cost optimization, performance improvement, security, and fault tolerance.

    This is another area where Incedo is getting ahead of the field while developing its inhouse FinOps tools and solutions.

Use Cases Handled by Incedo

  1. Financial Services Scalability

    Incedo’s Cloud Operations have empowered numerous Financial Services businesses to scale effortlessly during peak seasons. Automated scaling ensures that resources align with fluctuating demand, providing a seamless experience for end customers.

    Incedo employs AWS Lambda for serverless computing to enhance scalability. By decoupling functions and executing code in response to events, Lambda allows Incedo to scale effortlessly during peak demand, ensuring a responsive and cost-effective solution.

  2. Data Analytics for Wealth Management Customers

    Incedo’s capabilities shine in handling complex Big Data workloads. By optimizing data storage, processing, and analytics, Incedo enables organizations to derive valuable insights from massive datasets efficiently.

    Incedo harnesses the power of Amazon Redshift for efficient Big Data analytics. With its fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse, Redshift enables Incedo to analyse vast datasets and derive actionable insights, empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions.

  3. DevOps Acceleration

    Incedo’s Cloud Operations facilitate DevOps practices, enabling organizations to achieve faster development cycles, continuous integration, and seamless delivery. Automation of deployment pipelines ensures rapid and reliable application releases while maintaining the fine grain access control and security using the cross-account CI/CD pipelines.

    Incedo accelerates DevOps practices using AWS CodePipeline for continuous integration and delivery. Automated build, test, and deployment pipelines using AWS CodeCommit, CodeBuild and CodeDeploy streamline development workflows, enabling organizations to achieve faster release cycles and maintain application reliability.

  4. Global Content Delivery for a wealth management client
    Incedo leverages Amazon CloudFront, AWS’s content delivery network (CDN), for low-latency global content delivery. By caching content at edge locations, Incedo ensures reduced latency and enhanced user experiences, catering to a diverse, worldwide audience.
  5. Zero Ops based State of the Art operation centre
    Incedo’s capability of designing and deploying advanced serverless solutions in combination with global AWS services and containers demonstrates a proven state of the art framework designed considering the ZeroOps capabilities.

Conclusion: Incedo Setting Industry Standards

In conclusion, Incedo stands as a beacon of excellence in Cloud Operations, offering a suite of capabilities that address the dynamic needs of modern businesses. With a focus on automation, security, and performance optimization, Incedo empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of the cloud landscape with confidence. As the cloud computing industry continues to evolve, Incedo sets the standard for operational excellence, making them a trusted partner for businesses embarking on their cloud journey.

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