Engineering Next-Generation Experiences for the 5G World

Making Telcos leaner and Agile enabled by Incedo’s Digital Transformation expertise and Cost takeout
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We help Telcos maximize returns from their Digital investments through end-to-end Business Transformation and Digital Experiences

In an era where the spotlight has shifted from physical/network products to digital-first solutions, service assurance to experience-led services, and long development cycles to automation-led rapid execution, our value proposition lies in facilitating telcos to embrace this paradigm shift. Partnering with us means gaining access to a deep understanding of end customer markets and cutting-edge “digital native” products/solutions development capabilities. We specialize in unlocking the full potential of 5G for our Telco clients, leveraging their digital and data infrastructure to deliver a world-class customer experience, optimize for reliable high-performance network encounters, all supported by quality engineering and operations.

Segments We Serve

Network Systems

Build 5G and intelligent edge networks faster, smarter, and at scale. Transform your operations with digital solutions for service assurance, provisioning, and beyond.

Consumer Business

Drive hyper-personalized experiences with AI-powered analytics, recommendations, and digital twins. Reimagine digital customer service and boost digital adoption.

Enterprises Business

Become data-driven with cloud transformation, intelligent infrastructure, and 5G labs. Build industry-specific solutions to win in the digital age.

Offerings and Solutions

Delight your Customers with Digital Solutions by Incedo


Network Experience

Proactive network management solution using AI to minimize outages, optimize resources, and improve customer experience with real-time monitoring, automated diagnostics, and targeted recommendations.


Digital Channel Experience

Unlock higher conversions through personalized experiences! We analyze user behavior, optimize journeys, and minimize friction for a seamless digital experience across mobile and desktop.


Technology Modernization

improve user experience, streamline workflows, & empower business users with intuitive tools. Consolidate data & systems, leverage AI for service assurance, and optimize costs with cloud migration.


GenAI-Led Automation

Harness the future of automation with GenAI-powered solutions for the telecom industry. Optimize processes, minimize downtime, and elevate customer experiences.

Key Differentiators​

Unlock the full potential of 5G with Telecom experience designed for the future

Strategy to Execution

Diagnostic-led opportunities identification and digital Engineering execution, underpinned by deep domain expertise in the telecom industry

Front-to-back Integration

Driven by a comprehensive 13-step Unified Solutions Framework inspired by the ‘Mastering the Data paradox’ authored by Incedo Co-founder and CEO, Nitin Seth

ROI-led Technology Modernization

Cost take-out, Agility, full-stack Digital engineering, and design capability. Program success measurement anchored on business KPIs.

Our Partnerships


Reduction in unplanned network outages
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Automation achieved zero-touch network change requests
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Reduction in TCO for a Telco

0 %
Increase in Digital conversion to online channels
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Client Success Stories


American Telecom Giant Optimizes Network Change Management with Incedo's Next-Gen Platform on AWS

customer churn assessment remediation for a large telco

Customer Churn Assessment & Remediation for a large Telco in LATAM


Transforming Carrier Management with Automation for US Based Large Telecom Enterprise

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