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Large telecom and tech provider transitioned to the cloud with 30% cost benefits.

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Our Practice Areas

We provide a broad range of services from transitioning to a leaner infrastructure, rolling out intelligent edge networks to enabling top notch customer experience

reimagining customer service what legacy companies can learn from digital natives

Simplify legacy networks, transition to leaner infrastructure

We partner with you to simplify legacy networks, remove redundant systems, enhance security measures, and consolidate and convert to a more agile and scalable platform. Our services include:

  • Legacy OSS modernization for next generation OSS design and development deploying a micro-services based architecture;
  • VNF testing and onboarding that uses our network transformation as a service capability
  • Alignment to ONAP to enable standardized, real-time, policy-driven automation of PNFs and VNFs that helps to introduce new services faster
  • Communications technology services, namely computer engineering services for OEM and service providers to ensure connectivity, reliability, and security

What makes Incedo different

Modular capabilities powered by ONAP

Deep experience in hybrid networks

Our deep experience in design, instantiation and operation in hybrid networks with modular capabilities powered by ONAP to automatically scale, operate and manage virtual services lifecycle

accelerated service creation

Accelerated deployment

We provide accelerated service creation and deployment of automated vendor-agnostic VNF onboarding.

OSS stack

Advanced technical capabilities

We have deep expertise in OSS stack combined with our advanced data science capabilities.

Reduce rollout costs with Intelligent Edge Networks

We leverage advanced capabilities in the GIS, AI/ML and workflow analytics and design to help you achieve significant reductions in infrastructure rollout costs. Our services include:

  • Advanced GIS based network planning to improve network design efficiency. This framework provides the capability to integrate accurate location based insights with network planning and optimization, inventory management and streamlined dispatch in real time.
  • Workflow and capacity optimization of infrastructure build. Using advanced AI/ML techniques, we identify and fix bottlenecks in infrastructure buildout projects/workflow.
  • Demand analytics to prioritize sites for rollout. Using advanced customer demand analytics, we can prioritize intelligent edge network rollout sites with a focus on those with high ROI.
reduce rollout costs with intelligent edge networks

What makes Incedo different

automated network planning

Automated network planning capabilities

We provide automated network planning and forecasting capabilities for real-time inventory management of assets that drive opex reduction and support next-gen network deployments.

workflow systems

Deep AI/ML capabilities

We have a deep understanding of workflow systems and challenges and combine that understanding with advanced AI/ML capabilities to deliver efficiencies in network rollout processes.

5G adoption

Advanced modeling techniques

We have experience in advanced modeling techniques that are needed to build 5G adoption predictive models to inform site prioritization.


Enable a top notch online experience

We leverage advanced data science capabilities, outstanding experience design studio, modern engineering and its platform accelerators to optimize your digital channels. Our offerings include:

  • Improvement in digital sales. We partner with you to improve your sales from digital channels by using funnel analyses for root-causes with recommended interventions to improve conversion rates, personalized digital experiences to drive cross-sell/upsell of your offerings and improved retargeting and conversion with optimized campaign design and execution.
  • Redesign of customer service. We help to drive targeted customer engagement strategies using VOC analyses powered by AI/ML algorithms, improve call deflection rates using ML driven anomaly detection and root-cause analyses by customer cohorts and enhance customer experience in the self-serve channels using AI chatbots.
  • Predictive device maintenance. To keep your devices running at optimum levels, we provide maintenance services that deploy AI/ML algorithms to identify specific data issues such as noisy IoT and rare event classification; modeling pipelines for fault classification and profiling; and anomaly detection and root cause analyses algorithms to enable an automated data-driven fault diagnostic process.

What makes Incedo different

deep expertise

Rich e-commerce and design expertise

We bring deep expertise in e-commerce and combine that with data science, UX design and engineering to solve your customer experience problems.

AI ML models

Exclusive platform with AI/ML capabilities

Our exclusive digital platform powered by AI/ML models optimizes customer service initiatives.

fault prediction rates

Cross-industry experience for enriched modeling

We have cross-industry experience to continuously improve AI/ML algorithms for fault prediction rates and root cause analysis for predictive device maintenance.


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