Incedo and Databricks share a strategic business partnership, enabling us to provide significant customer benefits. Our global partnership has helped enterprises accelerate their digital transformation and modernization initiatives with unified data analytics solutions.

Together, we help new and existing clients address the key pain points of flexible data consumption and demand computing with the optimized engine. We bring the scale, expertise, and technology to deliver application modernization programs. The partnership is also driving innovations for creating best-in-class industry solutions built using Databricks.

Incedo's Databricks Service Offerings

Modern Data Platform Build

Expertise in consulting and building modern data platforms on Databricks- A unified data platform for Data & AI. Expertise in Databricks technologies: spark, feature store, AI/ML, delta lake, unity catalog, databricks workflow. Setting up the required services and configuring databricks on cloud infrastructure, optimizing workloads and data pipelines. Data governance and security.

End-to-end data science solutions — from data prep and modeling to sharing insights with a collaborative data science environment on a delta lake.

Hadoop Migration

Hadoop has proven unscalable, overly complex, and unable to deliver innovative use cases. On-premises Hadoop deployments have significant limitations, including wasted hardware capacity, high DevOps burden, increased power costs, and software version upgrades. Migrating from Hadoop to Databricks will help you scale effectively, simplify your data platform, and accelerate innovation with support for analytics, machine learning, and AI.

Our deep expertise in migrating Hadoop-based data platforms to Databricks with in-house accelerators/frameworks developed in low code/no code principle to migrate data pipelines and workloads.

What makes Incedo different

Joint Client Solution Creation

emphasis business outcome strategy execution

Joint Advisory & Strategy

Platform Architecture & Optimization

Faster Cloudification & Monetization


Unified Data Platform

Increased Productivity

Expert Consultation & Implementation

Faster Client Onboarding & Adoption

Reduced Analytics Time & TCO

Faster Data Processing


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Reduction in report analytics, reduced TCO
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Reduction in data processing
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