Incedo brAInspark Gen AI Platform

Drive Disruptive Innovation for Enterprises with Productivity Improvement and Business Process Transformation

Unlock the Transformational Potential of Gen AI with Incedo brAInspark

Generative AI has significant potential to drive transformational impact for enterprises and Data is the core differentiator to realize long-term sustainable impact from Generative AI investments. However, there are several barriers for enterprises around data. Incedo brAInspark is fine-tuned to calibrate models to enterprise and help them overcome data barriers to disruptive impact.

Key Differentiators of brAInspark

Proprietary Gen AI Model Hub

Fine-tuned to calibrate models to enterprise.

Integration with project management tools (Jira, Git, etc.)

Hosted on your Cloud Platform (AWS, Azure, GCP)

Hosted on client VPC environment, to safeguard data and models

3- Step Framework to realize Enterprise value from Incedo brAInspark

Contextualization for highly accurate GEN AI outputs

Secure deployments with Cloud infra

Human + AI Workflows integrated with existing Stack

Data Contextualization to Unlock the Real Potential of Gen AI

The Macro data problem has been solved by harnessing Internet data. However, the true potential of Generative AI depends hugely on data contextualization. We need to mesh internet data, proprietary data, and the individual data along with personalization. Once this is done, we will begin to realize the potential of generative AI.

Focus Areas of brAInspark

Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

Accelerated product and application development across QA lifecycle

Customer Operations

IVR and chat services optimization to enhance digital services and customer experience

Back Office Operations

Generative AI-enabled document intelligence, digitization and information extraction for back-office processes

Success Stories


Generative AI-enabled Command Center for Customer Ops of a US Bank

Improvement in Productivity through pilot implementation
0 %

Generative AI-enabled Customer Service Solution for a Top US Healthcare firm

Reduction in Avg. Search Time of Knowledge Articles
0 %

Generative AI-enabled QA Testing Solution for a Leading US Wealth Management firm

Productivity gains for the end-to-end execution of QA test cycle
0 %

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