Why businesses struggle in translating operational decisions to better outcomes?

In today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, businesses need to get hundreds of complex operational decisions right every day, to stay ahead. Currently the speed and quality of operational decisions is constrained by
manual intervention reduced

Manual, obscure and highly resource intensive problem discovery process that is hard to replicate at scale

Requires experienced consultants/analysts and is a time consuming activity. The insights generated are one-time - hard to replicate after a time-period or across new situations similar expensive effort by experts.

insights action recommendations

Insights and action recommendations not integrated to operational decision workflow

Insights and action recommendations are not of much use if they are not integrated into the operational workflows and their real impact can’t be measured.

agility to scale and seamlessly

Inability to scale-up decision automation (DA) across enterprise

Data Analytics Use cases leverage Machine Learning at the core. They remain at the POC level and are not able to make enterprise level impact, unless they are operationalized using enterprise grade technology. Scale-up needs to ensure easy maintenance, reuse of models and achieve highly efficient time responsiveness.

Incedo LighthouseTM - Patented* AI-driven, Decision Automation Platform

AI-driven Decision Automation platform that enables end-to-end continuous data-insights-actions journey improving operational metrics

self service for Business

Automate self-serve insight generation

manage evaluate recommended

Manage and evaluate recommended actions via experimentation

integrate the actions

Integrate the actions into the decision workflows and measure impact

* US patent pending

What makes Incedo LighthouseTM different

scientific problem discovery process

Scientific problem discovery process , industrialized to identify the right problems at speed

Intelligent problem discovery - AI-driven and automated as a self service

end to end data insights actions journey

End-to-end data-insights-actions journey to realize measurable business impact

Action recommendations integrated into the operational workflow enabling action implementation and continuous impact monitoring

enterprise grade ML

Enterprise grade ML Ops to scale decision automation across the enterprise for higher business impact

Use cases that work on TBs of daily refreshed transactional data using reusable ML services - scaled for real impact of AI decision automation

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Incedo LighthouseTM

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Harness the power of data using Incedo LighthouseTM for operational decision automation

What are our customers saying?​

Incedo LighthouseTM - Case Studies

To know how Incedo Lighthouse™ continues to deliver benefits to organizations like yours, here are some of the success stories for organizations across North America, including leading banks and pharma companies.

Incedo LighthouseTM - Industry Solution

Financial Services Solutions

Shift in digital sales in a 6-month period
Increase in dollar loans disbursed through the new targeting framework
Sales improvement in conversion rates for the 3 credit products
Revenue growth, average revenue per customer increased by 27%
Increase in Wallet Share and AUM, net new assets of existing customer grew by 19%
RWE Study Execution TAT reduction – driven by easy, efficient RWE data processing and model reusability
Increase in RWE study throughput – # of FDA & HTA submissions - insights from RWE studies, no increase in RWE team size
Increase in recommended prospects reaching proposal stage. Operational efficiency gain in the prospect prioritization and planning process

Life Sciences Solutions

Awards and Recognitions

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