Our 8 fundamental principles guide us in helping our customers achieve the value of Digital.

Our guiding principles

from strategy to execution

Strategy to Execution

Tight coupling from design of digital transformation strategies to implementation – ‘What and How’ are connected and iterative

embrace a multidisciplinary approach

Multidisciplinary Approach

Combine problem solving, design, data science, engineering and operations capabilities in an integrative fashion

focus on business outcomes

Focus on Business Outcomes

Programs prioritized and constantly tracked against quantifiable business KPIs

adopt services platforms approach

Platform + Services approach

Combine services with platforms to accelerate realization of business outcomes

bringing best digital natives

Bring the best from Digital Natives

Mindset to operate with an agile, fail-fast approach combined with modern digital technologies and methods

leverage domain expertise

Leverage Domain Expertise

Deep expertise in select industries and functions combined with cross-industry/functional pollination of best practices

the global delivery model

Global Delivery Model

Bring together talent from the optimal source (onshore/ nearshore/ offshore) to solve problems in the most effective manner

execute with 2 speed mindset

2-speed execution mindset

Deliver quick wins in select hi-impact areas while building long-term technology and org capabilities

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