Value Proposition

In today’s digital landscape, businesses are increasingly leveraging cloud infrastructure to scale their operations. However, cloud spending is skyrocketing, and those not yet on the cloud face transformation challenges.

“At Incedo, we understand the significance of striking the right balance between innovation and efficiency. By collaborating with us, you will unlock the full potential of your cloud investments and infrastructure. We look forward to optimizing your cloud space and advancing towards greater success in the digital era.”

Incedo’s Cloud Migration Suite accelerates migration and, through our Two-step Cloud Diagnostic approach, crafts optimal FinOps solutions, ensuring better business outcomes.

Our Approach

Incedo employs a ‘Two-step Cloud Diagnostic approach’ to optimize your cloud resources and achieve significant cost savings.

Incedo Rapid Cloud Assessment

Incedo Rapid Cloud Assessment, offers a free assessment in just five days, providing immediate insights and recommendations.

In-depth Analysis

This involves an in-depth analysis of your current implementation, problem detection, recommendations prioritized using Incedo's CRAFT framework, and execution through our Cloud Migration Suite. Continuous monitoring ensures long-term cost optimization.

Reduce your cloud costs by up to 30% without sacrificing performance.

Business Impact

Unused pipelines decommissioned, reducing costs and resource wastage
0 %
Compute costs reduced by 15% through optimized ingestion pipelines and the removal of redundant processes
0 %
Cost reduction was achieved by transitioning to Spot Instances/Reserved Instances, providing significant savings and cost predictability
0 %

We make cloud optimization your competitive advantage, driving tangible business benefits and ROI in the digital age.

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