Rebate Payout is one of the biggest sources of cash outflow for any Pharma organization. With an ever changing market dynamics and pressure from Payers, PBMs and States , it is critical to have a closer look into the rebate payout process so that any leakage of revenue due to inefficiencies in the Rebate Validation and Reconciliation Process can be reduced. Even a 10% improvement in reducing leakage can lead to an overall cost savings of billions of dollars for the Pharma Industry.

In the POV sections, we will try to understand the Pharma Rebate Payout process in more detail and highlight opportunities for Pharma as to how AI, RPA, and Analytics can be utilized to optimize their Rebate Adjudication Process and in turn lead to cost savings for the industry.

Key Area of Impact: Pharma- Commercial

About the Author

Debjit ghosh
Debjit Ghosh

Director – Life Sciences Solutions, Incedo Inc.

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