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Generative AI: The Big Bang Moment in Innovation!

Generative AI is a defining movement in tech innovation that significantly expands possibilities beyond Conventional AI, and can drive disruptive impact with continuous experimentation.

AI For Everyone

The market opportunity for Generative AI is stated to expand to $1.3 Tn by 2032, across four major areas - Customer Operations, Software Engineering, Sales & Marketing, and R&D.

Productive & Creative

Generative AI rapidly improves the turnaround time of multiple operations, and is creative with answering questions, creating designs, generating codes, building websites, etc.

Growing Accuracy

Wider data sets and information across sources boost the accuracy of Generative AI. A great quality input/prompt can fetch the best results from a Generative AI program.

Disruptive Impact

Generative AI can achieve a wide reaching impact across industries & functions. Attaining >25% Productivity lift in QA Testing is just a starting point.

3-Step Framework to Realize Value from Generative AI-enabled Solutions

Contextualization for Proprietary Data

Fine-tuning the foundational models to contextual data is important to improve effectiveness of Generative AI Responses.

‘Human + AI’ Enabled Workflows

Use a combination of ‘Human + AI’ workbench to mitigate potential risk of quality, bias, hallucination etc.

Continuous Experimentation & Adaptation

Ongoing capture of feedback from users to improve success and quality of responses.

Introducing Incedo brAInspark

Incedo’s Generative AI Platform to transform end-to-end Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to drive disruptive impact!

AI-Powered Collaboration

brAInspark combines the power of AI with human ingenuity, and redefining workflows. Our platform establishes harmonious collaboration between advanced AI algorithms and human developers, leading to code that’s not just efficient but also brilliantly creative.

Proprietary Generative AI Model Hub

Meet the heart of brAInspark – our proprietary Generative AI Model Hub, precision crafted for You This remarkable technology is fine-tuned and customized to suit your enterprise’s unique needs and use cases. Watch as it crafts code, discovers optimizations, and generates solutions beyond imagination.

Ecosystem Integration

brAInspark isn’t just an isolated tool, it’s a cohesive ecosystem which integrates seamlessly with essential enterprise systems like JIRA, Salesforce, and others to ensure a synchronized workflow that maximizes efficiency and minimizes disruptions.

Adaptable to Future Innovations

The realm of Generative AI is ever-evolving, and so is brAInspark. We stay at the forefront of innovation, and consistently adapt our technology to incorporate the latest advancements – empowering you to remain ahead of the curve.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are at the core of our platform. brAInspark’s architecture is fortified with robust security measures and meticulous data privacy protocols. As you embark on your transformation journey, rest assured that your sensitive information remains safeguarded, and compliance is upheld.

Drive Disruptive Impact with brAInspark

Picture a future where software development accelerates, code operates intelligently, and innovation transcends limits. brAInspark transforms this vision into reality. Our array of innovative features empowers you to:


Turbocharge your development process through brAInspark’s AI-driven code generation, effectively shortening project timelines.


With AI-enhanced code reviews and QA testing, achieve software of impeccable quality, to meet great expectations.


Roll out AI-enhanced code effortlessly under brAInspark’s guidance, eradicating deployment bottlenecks and ensuring swift implementation.


By automating routine tasks, brAInspark liberates your team's creative capacities, nurturing a culture of innovation that propels your organization forward.

Incedo Innovation Lab Core Offerings

Incedo is taking a “practitioner’s approach” to help its enterprise clients in starting to realize the value and impact from the promise of Generative AI’s potential


Generative AI Executive Primer

Helping client execs understand and uncover the potential, challenges and operational aspects of leveraging Generative AI to drive business transformation.


Generative AI Immersion Workshops

Immersive workshops to identify big opportunities and specific areas of potential disruption, hackathons and rapid prototyping.


Generative AI Co-Innovation Pilots

Joint innovation pilots leveraging Incedo’s Generative AI capabilities with client context to develop solutions to experiment.


Generative AI Solutions

Incedo is developing Generative AI driven solutions focusing on business, customer and SDLC transformation. Early access to Incedo’s solutions to get a head start.

Success Stories


Generative AI-enabled Command Center for Collections Ops of a US Bank

Improvement in Productivity through pilot implementation
0 %

Generative AI-enabled Customer Service Solution for a Top US Healthcare firm

Reduction in Avg. Search Time of Knowledge Articles
0 %

Generative AI-enabled QA Testing Solution for a Leading US Wealth Management firm

Productivity gains for the end-to-end execution of QA test cycle
0 %
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