What makes Incedo different

domain data tech focus

Domain, Data and Tech focus

Our investments in development platforms and our capabilities focused on domain, data and technology allow us to make your cloud transformation project smooth and seamless.

integrated capabilities

Integrated capabilities

We have an integrated approach to application and data migration to the cloud that involves strategy, assessment, migration planning and execution and post migration operations.

experienced cloud practitioners

Experienced cloud practitioners

We have more than 150 certified cloud professionals and 350+ cloud practitioners experienced in cloud migrations across Life Sciences, Financial Services and Telecom.

the global delivery model

Global delivery model

We have a global delivery model with strong offshore and nearshore capabilities. We also provide outstanding talent at attractive cost points.

Case Study
A top wealth management company improved SLA timeline by 50% by migrating to the cloud
A financial services company modernizes systems with cloud migration

Our Cloud Transformation Offerings


Cloud Migration

Accelerate your migration to the cloud with zero downtime
Our services span from assessment and planning to application and data migration. Our structured approach is proven to reduce risks while providing you the flexibility to customize execution and minimize downtime.

native app

Native App

Convert old apps and databases to cloud native technologies
Our cloud certified developers and program managers will work with you to develop applications that leverage cloud native technologies.

data engineering operations

Data Engineering and Operations

Power your cloud initiatives with a robust data infrastructure

We help with data infrastructure solutions that include design and deployment of data enablement layer both on cloud and on premises.

Our data engineering solutions include building data pipelines from source systems and data processing to be served up.

We help with data governance solutions that include design and deployment so you can implement enterprise-wide data policies and compliance requirements.

Our data operations services help you with ongoing management, support and enablement of data access

legacy modernization

Legacy Modernization

Convert old applications and databases to cloud native technologies
Our domain experts work with you to re-architect your applications so you don’t lose critical compliance reporting and business logic.


Cloud Operations

Get the most out of your cloud migration

Once you move to the cloud, we can help you to manage the day-to-day operations. We specialize in various post migration services such as Cloud DevOps, data operations and cloud monitoring and optimization to ensure a seamless transition. We employ agile frameworks to reduce rework and cut down costs and overhead.

We offer custom software applications development and remote management of software applications across various industries including life sciences, financial services, and communications engineering. We also help with quality assurance services, namely, testing of computer software. Further we provide technical support services for computer software, namely, troubleshooting of computer software problems, monitoring network system software, and debugging computer application software for others.

Our DevOps solutions redefine the way Dev and IT teams work together so that there is a considerable shrinkage in your development cycles. Our agile methodologies, DevOps best practices and automated tools help you implement continuous integration, delivery pipelines and automate infrastructure provisioning and management.

Meet our Cloud Experts

Umakant Mishra

Director, Digital and Analytics

Nihal Bhagchandani

Cloud Architect – Azure

Rahul Sharma

Cloud Security Architect

Jakkam Durga Prasad

AWS Infrastructure Expert

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