Incedo’s agile methodologies, DevOps best practices, and automated tools help you implement continuous integration, delivery pipelines, and automate infrastructure provisioning and management. Our cloud implementation framework enables you to quickly deploy enterprise workloads using the best automation tools available. Our automation led approach helps development teams and businesses who want to run applications in the cloud with better performing systems and faster deployments.

We combine Dev and Ops into one system which redefines the way that Dev and IT team operate with a considerable reduction in development cycles.

Case Study

BSI Financial, a mortgage solutions leader, successfully leverages “Cloud-first” and “AI-first” strategy

bsi financial an industry leader providing mortgage solutions
Case Study

Tripwire, a leading cybersecurity provider, undergoes rapid cloud transformation cost effectively

tripwire leading global provider security compliance solutions enterprises industrial organizations

Our DevOps Practice Areas

DevOps Assessment and Planning

DevOps Assessment and Planning



Implementing a standard DevOps setup for



Our approach to Agile DevOps​

Frameworks to help reduce rework, lower cost and eliminate overhead with automated updating and roll-back systems

our approach to agile devops

Our DevOps toolkit

our devops toolkit

DevOps Speeding up Digital Transformation

devops speeding up digital transformation

Zero Touch Cloud Deployment on AWS

zero touch cloud deployment on AWS

AWS DevOps Best Practices

Our AWS DevOps practice follows AWS Well Architected Guidelines and focuses on AWS DevOps tools for building continuous integration, delivery pipelines, and infrastructure automation. Our DevOps experts are well versed in AWS specific DevOps tools and third party tools compatible with AWS cloud. We have built deep expertise in AWS DevOps tools through successful collaborative programs and projects for our many Fortune 500 and fast growth clients.

AWS DevOps Toolkit

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