About the Customer

BSI Financial an industry leader providing mortgage solutions to consumers. In addition, it provides Digital platforms to independent mortgage servicing companies to drive operational excellence and intelligent customer experience. BSI had decided to pivot the enterprise to “Cloud-first” and “Ai-first” strategy, focus resources on customer engagement and innovation, and enable greater agility.

Platforms modernization and operations transformation were identified as a priority to create capacity for growth, lower operating costs, and allow for scalability. This encompassed loan servicing, MSR portfolio due diligence, Internal and External reporting, and Mortgage Operations.

What Incedo Did

BSI chose Incedo as a partner to re-imagine and engineer cloud native SaaS Platforms on AWS cloud. This encompassed:



Promotion of brand and messaging for clients to end customers was simplified


Enabling pay per use subscription model for customers


Seamless integration of third party offerings and services


Monetization of internal IP and capabilities created over time


Increased self-service on the platform and reduced cost to serve for end customers


Enhanced customer experience from simpler onboarding and engagement for end customers


Increased cross and upsell opportunities for end customers

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