Our Leaders

Saurabh Mittal

Saurabh Mittal is a self-made billionaire entrepreneur and investor with a hands-on strategic value-add approach…

Nitin Seth

Nitin Seth is an accomplished industry leader with a unique combination of experiences – of an entrepreneur…

Krishna Rupanagunta
Chief Customer Success Officer

Krishna Rupanagunta comes with over 25 years of experience helping companies drive sustained business growth…

Shashank Arya
Head of Delivery Excellence

As Head of Delivery Excellence at Incedo, Shashank is responsible for scaling people & capabilities, strengthening delivery planning & execution, and speeding up innovation…

Anupam Wahi
Head of Telecom & Product Engineering

Anupam is an inspiring leader with a passion for creating value, generating growth, and establishing new forward looking businesses…

Aravind Ramamurthy
Head of Life Sciences

Aravind is principally focused on helping Life Sciences customers to gain competitive advantage and increase market share by accelerating launch of…

Pratul Chopra
Head of Digital and Analytics

As Head of Digital and Analytics practice at Incedo, Pratul is responsible for building out both the client portfolio…

Shailaja Venkat Iyer
CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer)

Shailaja Venkat Iyer is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Incedo and is responsible for the global HR strategy…

Anant Pandey
Head of Finance and Administration

Anant is an accomplished leader with more than 28 years of experience in Finance. He has led and managed large operations with organizations…

John Walsh
SVP (Senior Vice President) Financial Services

John is a senior financial services executive with extensive experience and a strong…

Pamela Sharma
Head of Business Operations

Pamela carries an ingenious knack to suggest, guide, implement and drive stellar operational transformations…

Priyank Johri
SVP and Head of Client Engineering

Priyank is a technology executive with a passion for all things engineering.