Advisor Portal

Our advisor portal provides real-time insights from client data, and external market data integrated from multiple sources. WM advisors can fine tune and offer customized investment strategies based on unique needs of investors and clients at scale, and provide timely and accurate reporting and servicing.

Frictionless Client Onboarding

We streamline workflows and drive process automation to onboard new clients faster. This eliminates needless paperwork, delays, and administrative hurdles and improves data accuracy and security. We enable a holistic view of the investor risk profile by digitizing client information and integrating data from multiple sources. Advisors start managing client assets sooner and generate revenue faster.

Investor and Client Portal

Our solution offers the next generation of investors and tech savvy clients of Wealth management firms with digitally powered self-service, interactive and personalized experience. Clients benefit from real-time view of their portfolio details and performance that enhance client engagement, improve C-Sat scores and increase client retention.


Recruitment Fraud Alert