Incedo DevOps Practice

Incedo’s agile methodologies, DevOps best practices and automated tools helps you implement continuous integration and delivery pipelines and automate infrastructure provisioning and management. Our cloud implementation framework enables you to quickly deploy enterprise workloads using the best automation tools available. Our automation led approach helps development teams and businesses who want to run applications in the cloud with better performing systems and faster deployments.

We combine Dev and Ops into one system which redefines the way that Dev and IT team operate with considerable shrinkage on your devlopment cycles

Our approach to Agile DevOps

Frameworks to help reduce rework, reduce cost and reduce overhead with automated updating and roll-back systems

Our DevOps toolkit

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Register for a 30 minutes no-obligation Digital Journey assessment session.

At the end of this 30 min session, walk out with:

  • Validation of your project idea/ scope of your project
  • Actionable insights on which technology would suit your requirements
  • Industry specific best practices that can be applied to your project
  • Implementation and engagement plan of action
  • Ballpark estimate and time-frame for development