Incedo Inc.

Design Thinking and UX FAQ

What is UX design thinking process? Customers demand a very different user experience nowadays. They have become used to Google, Facebook and Amazon, and want

Business Operations FAQ

Business operations What is meant by business operations? Business operations characterize the practices that companies regularly associate to raise the business value and gain a

Quality Assurance FAQ

Quality assurance What is Quality Assurance? Quality Assurance is characterized as an effort to ensure that a company provides the best product or service available

Data Science and Analytics FAQ

Data science What is data science? Data science is the practice and theory of using the right data points/processes for extracting hidden insight from given

Telco AI Ops

The current AI adoption levels coupled with improved machine learning techniques, is enabling companies to discover and operationalize business insights, previously hidden. Increased data availability

Imperatives for Telcos in a Covid World

Observations from the market The Covid-19 global pandemic has positioned Telcos at the forefront, in a mission critical mode as an essential services enabler, ensuring

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