Data Engineering and Data Operations

Building a robust data infrastructure to power your digital Initiatives

Incedo enables its clients to get the most out of their data by providing a full set of data engineering services and solutions that optimize your analytics, data science and data warehouse initiatives

We combine our services with Incedo Digital Accelerators develop solutions for enterprises to power up a ‘Data As a Service’ capability that is critical to enable access to data across the Enterprise. This in turn, helps accelerate the integration of Analytics into business processes and reduce the time to value from digital assets.

The digital natives have created data as a source of competitive advantage by treating it as a core Enterprise Asset. This mindset has driven a strong capability in building the technology and process infrastructure around data and offering to the enterprise as ‘Data as a Service’.

Incedo helps organizations in building this capability:

  • Data Infrastructure Solutions: Design and deployment of the data enablement layer (e.g. Data Lake) both on the cloud and on-premise
  • Data Engineering Solutions: Data pipelines from source systems and data processing to be served up to the Enterprise
  • Data Governance Solutions: Design and deployment of data governance solutions to implement enterprise data policies and compliance requirements
  • Data Operations: Ongoing management, support and enablement of data access

Incedo brings deep expertise developed from building some of the world’s largest and complex data systems. We believe that the following critical factors drive a successful data engineering initiative in an organization:

  • Outcome focus: Always start with a business goal and drive the data and technology design and implementation to support the business outcomes
  • Take an integrated approach that goes all the way from consumption (System of Engagement) to the data ingested from source systems(System of Records)
  • Outcome focusFull-stack approach: Take an integrated approach that goes all the way from consumption (driven by business use-cases) to the data ingested from source systems
  • Data APIs: Implement well-defined data APIs that enables the integration of datasets from disparate into a consistent taxonomy across the enterprise
  • Feature Store: The time to value from AI/ML can be reduced dramatically by enabling a well-established set of features that can be reused across use-cases
  • Data governance enabled through technology: Augment the existing MDM systems by creating robust data quality mechanisms that enforce data integrity and consistency across the enterprise

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