Cloud Transformation and Management

Help enterprises rapidly accelerate their cloud journeys. Our approach enables organizations to embrace the cloud to drive digital and data innovation at scale.

The cloud technology has matured to a point that it offers more than just a ‘lift and shift’ opportunity for enterprise data operations. The best-in-class have leveraged the cloud to drive a complete transformation.We bring digital-native expertise to enable the cloud transformation journey:

    We have helped many of our clients successfully make the cloud transition. Based on our digital-native experience, we believe that the following critical factors drive a successful, sustained cloud journey:

    • Embrace a ‘cloud-first’ mindset: Commit to a cloud-native architecture across the board to go beyond the cost advantage to exploit the innovation potential, especially when it comes to the digital experience stack
    • Adopt the cloud best-in-class: Migrating the technology stack opens up the potential to leverage the best-in-class innovation that the cloud offers across the digital analytics lifecycle:

      • Data Science Platform on the cloud: Implement a standardized approach to data science across the enterprise to enable the rapid development and operationalization of AI/ML models
      • Data Engineering on the cloud: Automate the data infrastructure processing tasks to enable the data engineers to focus creating more business value: e.g. build/ manage feature stores, data products
      • Data Operations on the cloud: Manage ITSM on the cloud to not only reduce investments in permanent infrastructure, also automate a large part of governance and provisioning activities

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    Cloud Engineering Services
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