IncedoPay helps automate and optimize B2B, B2C and P2P payments processes across domestic and cross-border transactions

Integrated Platform for Banks and Enterprises

IncedoPay is an integrated payments platform that enables banks and corporates create better digital experiences for the consumers and suppliers; and reduce payment processing costs:

  • Create enhanced digital customer experiences

    • Enable payee self-service, increasing consumer / supplier satisfaction and reducing support cost
    • Bring transparency to the movement of funds in payments processing
    • Increase the payer and payee choices by reducing the time and effort to onboard new payment rails
  • Reduce payment processing costs

    • Replace costly payment methods such as checks with low cost and faster electronic payment rails
    • Simplify payment reconciliation and reporting
    • Achieve better working capital optimization by scheduling and planning payments

Solution for Banks
    Solution for Enterprises
      IncedoPay Architecture Diagram

      Network of Networks - Connecting the world through payments

        Payee Onboarding & Self Service

          AP automation

          Make your accounts payable process more organized, efficient and controlled

            Payment Insights

              Foundation Blocks for IncedoPay


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