Incedo System Of Insights (SOI) Platform

Close the insights to action loop to improve your most important KPIs

Incedo SOI platform helps business leaders improve the velocity and effectiveness of their decisions by better leveraging their digital and data assets:

    Automated Insights Delivery Framework

      Diagnostic Framework

        Closed Loop Action Framework

          Success stories

          • Telecom Service Provider: Increased conversion rate by identifying when, where and what type of customers are dropping off the funnel. This was used to design personalized outreach initiatives based on the drop-off points
          • Consumer Bank: Increased cross-sell campaign effectiveness by identifying underperforming product/channel combinations by customer cohort. These insights were then used to drive targeted campaign alternatives that were used by the A/B experimentation engine prior to rollout
          • Life Sciences company: Improved patient experience by identifying patient cohort not adhering to medication plans; and suggesting best action and support channel for patient outreach

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