Incedo Lighthouse

Drive Digital Transformation at speed by integrating Data and AI driven actions into business workflows

Most organizations have realized that Data and AI are key to digital transformation. However, few have been able to scale beyond one-off analyses and deliver real business impact, despite significant investments in technology stacks and hiring teams of Analysts

Incedo Lighthouse is designed to help organizations realize true business value by scaling AI and data assets and allowing business users to operate in a self-service, low-code environment to accelerate the problem discovery process, reduce the time to insights and automate targeted actions.

Incedo Lighthouse Platform

How does Lighthouse work?

1Autonomous Monitoring and Issue Detection

  • Metric monitoring with KPI trees
  • AI models to flag anomalous behavior

Data Insights Action

2Intelligent Root Cause Analysis and Action Recommendation

  • AI models to identify behavioral drivers
  • AI based targeted action recommendations

3Operationalize Actions and Monitor Impact

  • Evaluate action alternatives with controlled experiments
  • Integrate recommendations with operating workflows

Lighthouse Modules

System of Engagement Integration
Incedo Lighthouse SOI
KPI Builder
KPI Monitor
Anomaly Detection
Experiment Engine
Root Cause Analyzer
Incedo Lighthouse DSP
Data Science Studio
ML Operationalization
ML Monitor
Incedo Lighthouse DEP
Feature Store
Data Quality Manager
Data Catalog
ETL/ELT Manager
System of Records Integration

Incedo Lighthouse Modules

System of Insights: Focus on business impact

Help in problem decomposition in a structured manner

Accelerate the problem discovery process to enable focus on problems that matter the most

Ongoing monitoring & measurement of business outcomes through visualization layer

Data Science Platform: Industrialize Analytics

Automate the business model deployment processes to scale data-driven actions in response to business triggers

Improve productivity with feature engineering model build and training accelerators

Data Engineering Platform: Unlock value form Data

Accelerate data availability for Data Scientists with automated data quality and feature engineering

Enable enterprise data governance policies to ensure consistent definitions and consumption of data

Incedo Lighthouse Solutions

Customer Journey Optimization

Helps organizations drive growth by helping design and implement AI driven personalized customer engagement strategies.

Targeting Engine (Lighthouse DSP, DEP):

  • Acquisition: Lead prioritization Models
  • Growth: Cross-sell/Up-sell Models; CLTV models
  • Retention: Churn Propensity Models; Win-back Offer Propensity Models

Lighthouse Recommendation Engine (Lighthouse DSP, DEP):

  • Personalized Recommendations: Next Best Action recommendations
  • Engagement Channel Optimization: Multi-Channel, multi-touch recommendations

Lighthouse Monitor (Lighthouse SOI):

  • Campaign Monitoring: Campaign effectiveness and automated root cause analysis
  • Customer Journey Monitoring: Monitor Customer Engagement and Value metrics

Decision Automation Platform

Drive operating efficiencies by leveraging the power of Data and AI to accelerate the problem discovery, insight generation and targeted action execution process:

Autonomous Monitoring and Issue detection (Lighthouse SOI, DSP):

  • KPI Tree Manager
  • Anomaly Detection Engine
  • Augmented Insights/Visualization Builder

Intelligent Root Cause Analysis and Action Recommendations (Lighthouse DSP):

  • RCA Engine
  • Augmented Insights/Visualization Builder
  • Integrate and Operationalize Recommendation models

Operationalize Actions through Workflow engines and measure impact

  • Integration APIs with Systems of Engagement
  • Design of Experiments (A/B testing, Pre/Post, Test-Control)

Success stories

Personalized Customer Targeting for a Leading Consumer Bank: Personalized cross sell models for credit products to maximize digital sales and customer engagement

Patient Support Programs for a Pharma Manufacturer: AI/ML powered auto-generated insights on key patient support drivers, improving patient engagement and support program effectiveness

Success stories

Optimizing Retail Lending Operations at a Leading Bank: Contact and offer strategy optimization through KPI builder & optimal business rules identification for bank’s collection strategies

Model Risk Monitoring for a Large Bank: Automated Model monitoring & key opportunities identification for credit risk model inventory, to minimize overall portfolio risk for the bank

Improving Sales Effectiveness for a Pharma Manufacturer: Accelerating “issue >root cause > action” journey via AI-enable granular-level auto-insights and cohort analysis to rapidly identify call-to-action, track and improve sales effectiveness

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