In today’s dynamic world of cloud computing, businesses confront a myriad of challenges. Decentralized and manual processes hinder efficiency, while a lack of well-defined AWS organizational structures and IAM policies poses security risks. Non-standard deployment and infrastructure provisioning setups, along with remote deployments from legacy infrastructure, lead to inefficiencies. Unregulated 3rd-party dependencies and artifact management, as well as the absence of security scans during deployment, heighten vulnerability.

At Incedo, we are your advanced consulting partner, armed with a mature DevOps competency that paves the way for exceptional, market-managed DevOps solutions. Our approach is comprehensive, providing an end-to-end solution for our customers, which includes assessing the issues, streamlining processes, team training, and system operationalization.

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Our Managed DevOps Service offerings

Automated AWS Service Deployment

Simplify operations with a multi-tiered access system seamlessly integrated with Active Directory

Tailored Cloud Workstations

Streamline the setup and maintenance of personalized cloud workstations designed for web development

Automated VDI Deployment

Effortlessly roll out standardized virtual desktops while seamlessly integrating Single Sign-On (SSO)

Automated Patch Management

Keep your systems current and secure with our automated patch management services

Effortless Deprovisioning

Automate the deprovisioning of VDIs to efficiently manage your resources

User-Friendly Service Delivery

Prioritize a hassle-free experience for your Service Desk users

Our Approach

Incedo’s approach propels you into the next phase of DevOps maturity with well-defined steps:



Train and operationalize

To build foundational DevOps components and achieve industry excellence.

Key business Value Delivered

  • Streamlined Deployment

    Reduced manual deployment efforts using automation, enabling faster and error-free rollouts.

  • Enhanced DevOps Maturity

    Transformed client's DevOps maturity level, boosting agility, reducing time-to-market, and ensuring cloud infrastructure security.

  • Accelerated AWS Migration & Setup

    Successfully migrated & save efforts for setting-up client’s AWS Workspaces, by slashing infrastructure setup time.

  • Automated Deployments

    Achieved faster deployments with zero impact using AWS CI/CD approach.

  • Developer Efficiency

    Increased developers' focus on customer features, freeing their time from infrastructure management.

  • Effective Monitoring

    Cloud Monitoring has been deployed, ensures robust monitoring for clients, enhancing operational visibility.

Business Value and Impact

Reduction in Deployment Time
0 %
Application Uptime
0 %
Productivity Boost
0 %

Discover the power of Managed DevOps to transform your organization today!

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