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Plug and play and customizable

Our customizable platforms are plug and play that work in a low code environment. Each platform can work by itself or you can combine them for a fully integrated solution specific to your use case.

We offer various deployment models from enterprise cloud, license-based SaaS to custom deployment.

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Incedo Experience Optimizer

Incedo Experience Optimizer enables you to increase revenue potential by optimizing customer experiences and delivering hyper-personalized recommendations. Our AI and ML driven models allow personalization across the customer lifecycle.

Incedo IntelliDecision

Incedo IntelliDecision is our decision automation platform that allows you to achieve lower costs by accelerating the loop of problem discovery, generation of insights and execution of targeted actions. The platform is powered by our ML driven metric monitoring and root cause analyses models.


Incedo Data IQ

Incedo Data IQ monitors your data quality and leverages AI/ML rules engine to improve trust in data. The platform provides a highly configurable rules engine to help you define quality tests and automate the monitoring of data quality.

Incedo Data Orchestrator

Incedo Data Orchestrator helps your data engineers to accelerate deployment by building and managing the data pipelines.


Solution spotlight

We combine our domain expertise and our proprietary platforms to deliver cutting edge solutions for Financial Services and Life Sciences verticals.


Financial Services

Our solutions include customer journey optimization, personalization, retail lending optimization and risk monitoring.


Life Sciences

Our solutions span from patient support, payer contracting, sales and marketing effectiveness to aggregation of real world patient journey data.

Case Study
AI/ML enabled cross-sell personalization leads to 1.5x increase in sales for a top regional bank.
Case Study
AI/ML enabled lead scoring model improves business development prospecting by 20% for a top pharmaceuticals firm.

What makes our platform different


Solutions Focus

Our domain expertise allows us to build industry-specific solutions such as domain ML model libraries and horizontal accelerators such as anomaly detection which enable fast deployment.


Accelerated Problem Discovery

Our platforms are designed to help identify the right problems to focus on. We do a rapid root cause analysis using a combination of Design (KPI tree) and Data Science (anomaly detection and root cause analysis).

Evaluation and Monitoring of Recommended Actions

Our platforms enable you to assign targeted actions at a micro-segment level and then measure the impact of those actions. We also provide an option to configure experiments to evaluate actions.


Self-service for Business Teams

We offer a low-code environment for business and non-technical users to configure KPI trees and dynamically define relevant micro-segments.


Integration with Execution Systems

Our platforms provide a library of connectors with operational systems such as CRM and workflow engines so that you can automate action triggers that are driven by recommendations.


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