As the race for top financial advisor talent heats up, Broker dealers are increasingly setting aside higher recruiting budgets to attract top financial advisors from their competitors. Any given month, AUM north of 500 mn dollars is moving from one broker dealer to another. The financial advisor’s first interaction with the prospecting firm is via the advisor onboarding process.

A good workflow driven Online onboarding process can deliver a transformational experience to the advisors and the home office teams can drastically cut down on the affiliation cycle times. Leveraging from what has worked for our clients (broker dealers, banks, TAMPs) in implementing workflow driven processes, the whitepaper distils the key tenets of a good onboarding system from various engagements.

Download this whitepaper to get insights into:

  • E-onboarding
  • Benefits of online onboarding
  • Ensuring seamless workflow driven onboarding process

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