Covid-19 has introduced a new set of challenges to the Wealth Management industry. Already it was battling with advisor attrition, changing client preferences, disruption due to fintech, lack of scalability, and mounting cost pressure due to no commission fee. COVID-19 has accentuated this need for wealth management firms to address this challenge and have a personalized approach to acquiring and retaining the right set of Advisors and enabling them to service their clients better. AI-powered insights and experiences can be a great enabler.

Watch our webinar to hear from our experts on how Incedo’s AI-Enabled Advisor personalization framework can enable the wealth management firms to segment the advisors better and drive better results, curating contextual & personalized experiences through the advisor Journey.

This webinar covers how Wealth Management firms can optimize the Advisor Engagement using AI & Analytics

About the speaker

gaurav sehgal
Gaurav Sehgal

Vice President @Incedo Inc.

Gaurav is a leader in Incedo’s wealth management practice . He has been with Incedo for the last 9 years and has led multiple engagements for our wealth management clients focusing on technology solutions for Streamlining Advisor and Client experience, Digitizing Operations, Data & Analytics.

Afrozy Ara

Director, Data Science & Analytics @Incedo Inc.

Afrozy is a Data Science leader with Global experience in partnering with Fortune 500 clients to deliver significant KPI movements leveraging Analytics & AI. She brings in multi domain experience with expertise with Wealth Management, Life Sciences and Telecom Clients She lives in the San Francisco Bay area and enjoys hiking and writing, along with her passion for all things Data.

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