Data Engineering

Our Data Engineering solution helps WM firms successfully align their data strategy with business objectives to drive growth

Data Ingestion and Integration

Our Ingestion/Integration and Pipeline Modernization solution helps WM firms integrate data from multiple sources for comprehensive insights into a clients' financial position, and market trends for actionable data led decisions. Pipeline modernization helps streamline data processing and analysis to meet client demand efficiently.

Data Quality Solution

Our Data Quality solution helps WM firms access quality data for accurate and informed investment decisions. Our data pattern and anomaly detection reveals previously undiscovered insights, help visualize DQ health and track actions.

Data Warehouse/ODS

Our Data Warehouse/ODS solution helps WM firms enabling them to effectively manage and analyze vast amounts of data, analyze historical data to forecast future trends and swiftly generate reports.

Data Analytics and Visualization

Our Data visualization solution offers interactive and self-service dashboards to provide actionable insights and performance metrics to clients, advisors, and Wealth Management Executives, and help drive business growth

Marketing & Business Development Analytics

Our Marketing & Business Development Analytics help WM firms Marketing to effectively segment, target and acquire potential clients, enhance client engagement, and drive business growth. We help measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns accurately and increase ROI.

Finance & Practice Management Analytics

Our Finance & Practice Management Analytics helps WM firms to analyze their performance KPIs and assess opportunities to increase revenue per client, analyze costs and improve their cost effectiveness to gain a competitive edge.

Advisor, Client, Product Analytics

Our Advisor/Client/ Product/ Sponsor Analytics helps wealth management firms with meaningful insights and capabilities to optimize advisor performance, strengthen client relationships, drive product performance and innovation, and maximize sponsor revenues. This enables increased operational efficiency and productivity.


Our solution helps Wealth Management firms transform various aspects of their practice and be ready for the Digital age

Client Segmentation

Our Client Segmentation/ Lead and Churn Propensity solution helps WM firms gain a deeper understanding of their client's financial goals to prioritize leads, and strengthen client engagement. Our AI driven analyses helps in proactive churn management.

Advisor Performance Benchmarking

Our Advisor /Practice Performance Benchmarking solution helps optimize advisor productivity by measuring it against industry benchmarks, improve practice efficiency, and enhance client service delivery.

Next Best Action

Our Next Best Action/ Product solution helps enhance client engagement, increase client retention, cross-sell and upsell opportunities to grow client wallet share, and improve advisor performance by optimizing investment advice offered to clients.


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