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Defining new rules for success in digital transformation for wealth management firms

DENTON, TX (April 26, 2022) – Incedo Inc., a leading digital transformation consulting and technology solutions firm, has announced the lineup of events they will be hosting at the T3 – Tools and Technology for Today conference. This perennial favorite with financial advisors, wealth managers, and financial services executives will be held at the Denton Convention Center in Denton, Texas with May 2nd – 4th, 2022 focused on financial advisor attendees and May 5, 2022 focused on financial service enterprises.

On the opening day of T3, participants will enjoy a General Session on “Winning in the Digital Age – New Rules for Wealth Managers to Succeed” by Incedo CEO Nitin Seth. Seth will speak at 2:40 p.m. on Monday, May 2nd in the Equestrian Ballroom about the unique complexities of the digital age for the wealth management industry.

“The wealth management industry is advancing in its digital efforts,” Seth explained, “however, still lags other peer industries leading to suboptimal experiences for advisors and investors. I believe there is an exciting window of opportunity for ambitious wealth managers to leapfrog the competition. To benefit from the abundance the digital age offers, every wealth management firm needs to be a technology firm.”

To dive deeper into Seth’s frameworks, the first 200 to stop by the Incedo booth will get a personally signed copy of Seth’s bestselling and award-winning book, Winning in the Digital Age. The book signing begins at 5:45 p.m. in the expo hall. In addition, Incedo will have product demos, and design workshops with a proven process for assessing advisor issues called the Advisor DX Diagnostic. They will also be providing some great giveaways – including a high performance drone – in their booth space #516-518.

On T3 Enterprise Day, May 5th, at 4:20 p.m., financial services executives are invited to attend a session delivered by John Walsh, Incedo’s Sr. Vice President and Head of Financial Services. The session will take place in the Pioneer Ballroom. Walsh will discuss how applying the new rules of winning in the digital age helps to align objectives, adopt a two-speed approach and drive change by leveraging modern data and instrumentation strategies.

“Wealth management customer experience (CX) is lagging as compared to other industries,” Walsh said, “including some financial services peers such as banks, cards and insurance enterprises. To succeed, wealth managers will need to build a unique DNA that combines deep customer understanding with the technology and data proficiency of a digital native.”

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About Incedo Inc.

Incedo Inc. is a digital transformation expert empowering companies to realize sustainable business impact from their digital investments. Their integrated services and platforms that connect strategy and execution are built on the foundation of design, AI, data, and strong engineering capabilities blended with their deep domain expertise from digital natives.

With over 3,500 data and technology professionals in the US, Canada, Latin America, and India and a large, diverse portfolio of long-term, Fortune 500 and fast-growing clients worldwide, Incedo works across financial services, telecom, product engineering, and life sciences industries. Visit their website to learn more about how they help clients transform today:

About Nitin Seth

Nitin Seth is an accomplished industry leader with a unique combination of experiences as a global manager, entrepreneur, and management consultant. Seth is the Chief Executive Officer of Incedo Inc., a firm focused on digital transformation and analytics. Prior to Incedo, Seth held several top management positions. He was the Chief Operating Officer at Flipkart, India’s largest e-commerce company; Managing Director and Country Head for Fidelity International in India where he also led Global Offshore Operations and Business Strategy for Fidelity’s International business; and Director of McKinsey’s Global Knowledge Center in India, where he developed multiple new knowledge and analytics-based capabilities that has far-reaching industry impact. He is the author of the bestselling book Winning in the Digital Age, a 2022 Axiom Business Book Technology Silver Medal winner.

About the book: Winning in the Digital Age

Digital changes can be complex. Technology has disrupted many industries over the past decade, all for the benefit of customers. The bestselling and award-winning book, Winning in the Digital Age by Incedo Inc. CEO, Nitin Seth, brings clarity to the transformation process, breaking down the seven key building blocks, and discussing the fundamental shifts needed to win in the digital age. The new rules for business, key shifts happening in various industries, technology stacks that play critical roles in digital transformation, the global delivery model, organizational elements, entrepreneurial leadership, and looking towards the next generation of talent, make up the seven building blocks for successful digital transformation.

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