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This enables enterprises to leverage best in class IoT solutions, to facilitate the building of new service and revenue streams. Backed by strong experience and expertise around smart and connected product domains, Incedo provides a comprehensive set of IoT offerings. Our focus is to help OEM’s, system integrators and operators to unlock business value across the user, asset and partner value chain.

We are focused on developing cutting edge solutions across industries including the renewable energy, industrial and transportation sectors.

Smart Energy Management solution enables battery and automobile OEMs to track, and monitor the health of batteries and make optimum use of energy.

Smart Fleet Management solution involves real time tracking of the geo-fenced IoT enabled transport fleet to improve driver’s productivity, streamlining operations and lowering expenses.
Smart Oil Field Management solution involves continuous gas monitoring and timely alerts using both mobile and fixed gas detectors. Using wireless sensors, the refiner is able to predict the health of the refinery, across units, to improve overall productivity.

In addition, Incedo is debuting its IoT Lab, which will work with clients to research, co-innovate and collaborate on solution ideas. The lab is located in the company’s Bangalore facility and works on ideation, design and development of proof of concepts. The lab provides a simulated environment for creating end-to-end IoT solutions that capture real-time data from interconnected sensor/devices and provide actionable insights utilizing cognitive platforms and predictive analytics.

Speaking on the launch of IoT services, Anupam Wahi, Business Head, Communication Engineering & IOT at Incedo said, “There is no doubt that IoT is one of the most disruptive trends of this decade. Organizations however are struggling to realize the benefits of Machine to Machine/ IoT technology. With the launch of IoT, we are committed to going beyond providing transactional IoT services. The primary emphasis here is to enable clients to leverage the power of IoT in making real time decisions and creating efficiencies.”

Cognitive Capabilities with IBM Watson IOT Platform

As part of the launch, Incedo announced a strategic partnership with IBM to revolutionize customer experience in developing and deploying enterprise-scale IoT solutions. This partnership gives Incedo access to the cognitive power of the robust IBM Watson IoT platform and its industry solutions.

“Advances in sensor, cloud and cognitive technologies are transforming industries and business models and to reap the benefits, businesses must be prepared for IoT integration. As Incedo’s technology partner, IBM is focused on achieving real, measurable outcomes with each implementation for its customers. The Watson IoT platform and IBM’s Industry Offerings around connected products, automotive, manufacturing and insurance will feature in Incedo’s solution proposals to their prospective customers. Through IoT, Incedo has explored opportunities in Fleet Management, Smart Energy Management, Smart Food and Grain Management based on IBM Watson IoT Platform and we will look at other areas moving forward.” said Sandip Datta, Sr. Business Manager, IBM Watson IoT.

Analytics Capabilities with ConnectM

Incedo also announced a partnership with ConnectM. According to Sriram Chidambaram, CEO AsiaPacific, Middle East and Africa at ConnectM Technology Solutions Inc, “Incedo’s partnership with ConnectM leverages our sensor-based development and data management platform coupled with real-time analytics, and their simulated environment to offer tremendous time to market advantage in delivering solutions for global customers.“

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About Incedo

Incedo is a technology solutions provider specializing in Data, Information Management, Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Emerging Technologies. Incedo has deep-rooted industry expertise in financial services, life sciences and communication engineering.

Headquartered in the Bay Area, Incedo has offices across North America and India. Its young, agile team consists of industry practitioners who understand the business needs of their clients.

Incedo works with four of the top ten life sciences and pharmaceutical companies, one of the top telecommunications companies in the world and some of the nation’s largest financial services firms.

About IBM Watson IoT

IBM is an established leader in the Internet of Things with more than 6,000 client engagements in 170 countries, a growing ecosystem of over 1,400 partners and more 750 IoT patents which together help to draw actionable insight from billions of connected devices, sensors and systems around the world. For more information on IBM Watson IoT, please visit

About ConnectM

ConnectM is a leading, global IoT Technology Solutions, Business Intelligence (BI) and Services Company headquartered in Boston, USA. With over 1,25,000+ assets connected, ConnectM’s Yantra Platform is a robust and proven IoT Solution Delivery Platform. Our Pre-built and bespoke applications are leveraged by over 70+ customers to manage their assets/machines. ConnectM Yantra IoT platform, applications along with devices from ConnectM and its eco-system partners offer the customer a one-stop-shop for all IoT needs.

ConnectM has delivered IoT solutions to various domains including Telecom, Energy, Utilities, Industrial, Construction, IT/ITES Enterprises and Transportation market segments. ConnectM’s solutions are powered by cutting edge IoT technology, and are designed to make significant, sustained and measurable business impact. ConnectM also offers services to its client to build complete solutions. ConnectM’s strength is in its ability to offer domain specific analytics on the data collected and deliver actionable business intelligence.

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