Anupam is an inspiring leader with a passion for creating value, generating growth, and establishing new forward looking businesses. He has deep expertise in technology, particularly pertaining to telecommunications, digital transformation, Big data, advanced analytics, cloud computing and more.

At Incedo, Anupam focuses on continually shaping & scaling the Communication Engineering & Media Business. He has been working with Fortune 100 clients in the communication engineering and media industry on their digital transformation journey and in understanding how analytics can help them achieve business impact.

Anupam works closely with the solution and practice teams for building a value driven portfolio of offerings and solutions for clients, leveraging Incedo’s consulting, analytics, innovation and engineering capabilities.

Prior to joining Incedo, Anupam has worked in leadership positions for companies like Agilent, Nokia Networks, Aricent, Alcatel-Lucent in roles comprising international business development, strategic thinking & Industry relations to drive new business pursuits. He has lived & worked in many different cities all around the globe. Anupam has earned a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) from Pune University.

He likes to spend time with family and has an interest in reading & co-relating historical & spiritual facts with modern day science & cosmology.

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