‘IncedoPay’ and Our Integrated Accounts Payable Offering

We help Banks, Business Enterprises, and Healthcare Organizations in reducing cost, increasing revenue, and reinforcing customer, partner, and employee satisfaction with our integrated accounts payable optimization capability, supported by our distinctive ‘IncedoPay’ multi-party platform, modular solutions, and global digital transformation and payments expertise.

Clients We Serve


We help streamline and automate the B2B and B2C payment processes for bank’s corporate and business clients, enabling efficient, accurate, and timely payments to suppliers and payees, while reinforcing overall bank relationship success.

Business Enterprises

We also work with corporates and businesses directly to optimize their B2B and B2C payments to suppliers and payees, resulting in reduced manual processing costs, more efficient electronic payment methods, and improved buyer-supplier relationships and pricing terms.

Healthcare Organizations

We help healthcare payers and providers in addressing the ongoing challenges they face related to efficient and cost-effective processing of payments to other healthcare organizations, medical suppliers, pharmaceutical companies, clinical trial participants, and other payees.

Our Solutions

Multi - Party Payables Platform

Connecting payers, payees and their banks for convenient payment choice, expedited file transfers, and 24*7 payment visibility and tracking

Payee/Supplier Validation, Enablement and Support

Facilitating supplier and payee onboarding, payment acceptance enablement and 24*7 support

Payables Process Automation and Digitization

Automating time - consuming manual AP tasks, reducing payment errors while increasing efficiency

Native ERP Integration

Empowering clients by seamlessly integrating with their existing ERP, accounting software, or other systems and controls

Local and Global Payment Rails Connectivity

Providing a choice among multiple domestic and cross-border payment rails like RTP, ACH, Virtual Cards, Push-to-Debit Accounts, Zelle, Check, etc.

Advanced Analytics, Reporting, and Value Quantification

Enabling data-driven decision making by harnessing the power of Data and AI for insights that drive profitability and growth

Fraud Management, Regulatory Compliance, and ISO20022 Implementation

Integrating advanced fraud reduction measures and ensuring proactive regulatory and compliance with some of the most stringent industry standards

Distinctive Virtual Card Acceptance and Enablement

Helping to educate suppliers on the benefits of accepting virtual cards, and enabling them to do so quickly and efficiently

Our Integrated Payables offerings are supported by the Integrated Multi – Party Payables Platform, IncedoPay

What makes Incedo different


Proven integrated payables solution, supported by IncedoPay multi-party platform

Ability to customize to client situation and needs, with modular solution components


Global payments, banking, and healthcare resources and expertise


Focus on client value quantification and delivery excellence


Track record of success with multi-year client relationships


Digital transformation, data, and AI leadership

Our Partnerships


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