Experience the Incedo Advantage: Our 5 day Rapid Cloud Assessment swiftly diagnoses your cloud landscape for immediate savings, followed by a comprehensive cloud implementation plan. With Incedo’s CloudPulse, we effectively manage costs, enhance performance, ensure security, and meet compliance requirements across public, private, and multi-cloud services.”

Incedo’s Rapid Cloud Assessment highlights:

A rapid 5 day analysis with minimal stakeholder interaction
Accessing AWS's core services (Compute, Storage, and Analytics) and CloudWatch logs for data collection
In-depth spend analysis and immediate savings recommendations
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Key Benefits of Incedo's Cloud Assessment Approach

  • Cost Savings

    Achieve substantial cost reductions through our streamlined process.

  • Swift Insights

    Rapidly gain valuable insights into your cloud expenditures with a quick, non-invasive analysis.

  • Data-Driven Precision

    Make informed decisions based on robust data, resulting in precise spend analysis and immediate savings recommendations.

  • Comprehensive Examination

    Leave no aspect unexplored with our in-depth assessment, including data mapping, architectural evaluation, and design assessment.

  • Prioritized Impact

    Focus on the most critical areas first, maximizing efficiency with our prioritized recommendations.

5 Day approach Rapid Cloud Assessment

Discover how Incedo’s CloudXpert can reduce your Cloud spends by up to 30%!

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