A US-based mortgage solution provider and a full-service lender servicing customers for more than three decades wanted a scalable solution that optimizes agility with minimal costs. They wanted a self-serving loan solution based on the changing load requirements of concurrent users.

So when our client wanted a self-serving loan solution for its end customers, while reducing customer service overheads, Incedo rose to challenge to help them build a platform that reduces the frequent downtime, eliminating the capacity and load related issues, while radically reducing the processing time.

With new solutions and a platform in place, the client generated results through:

Cost saving of $1 million, spread over a three-year period, in license fees.

Agility to scale and seamlessly manage and optimize underutilized services as well as demand spikes, reducing infrastructure costs with timely reviews and reporting

Self-serving portal for customers to have a better control over their account thereby reducing manual intervention of customer care team and reduced process time, leading to an improvement in customer acquisition, retention, and lower customer service overheads.

Intuitive and superior UX for a superior customer experience.

100% availability of loan portal, high performance with low latency and response time.

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