Key drivers of our service

Our service is comprehensive, scalable and leverages a combination of AI/ML and our deep banking domain expertise. Our teams of domain experts and data scientists collaborate with you to identify the data sources, and work on a problem solutions framework and ML models to generate insights and recommendations.

pre-built banking solutions

Pre-built banking solutions

We have a library of pre-built ML models across the customer lifecycle from risk management, customer retention to growth.

rapid insights generation

Rapid Insights generation

Our model libraries enable insights and recommendations to be generated in a matter of weeks.

exclusive ml platform

Exclusive ML platform

Our CX optimization platform facilitates data discovery, model development, automated hyper parameter tuning and model operationalization.


Secure Cloud Migration

We provide best-in-class data security features including encryption and tokenization, identity and access management and security intelligence log to ensure that your data is secure and protected.

consumption based pricing

Consumption based pricing

Our pricing is flexible from pay as per use case to contracts as short as one year making it easy to scale up.

Case Study
2x improvement in conversion rates leads to incremental revenue for a large regional bank.

Our Service Offerings

risk management engine

Risk Management Engine

Ready-to-serve solutions for risk mitigation
Our offerings include building credit risk scorecards, creating risk models for customers and collections, modelling risk management and modelling re-calibration.

retention engine

Retention Engine

Maximize share of wallet with personalization
Deepen your customer relationships with our solutions around cross-sell optimization, pricing optimization and attrition management.

growth engine

Growth Engine

Time-tested solutions to attract new prospects
Our portfolio strategies will accelerate your customer acquisition, provide personalized offerings and convert leads effectively.

join incedo

Join Incedo

Do amazing things. Collaborate and solve problems that matter.

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