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    Case Study

    A life sciences client had their data storage system used to mine and visualize the datasets to enable scientific insights, discovery and predictive toxicology efforts for safety assessments. However the data was spread across different sources and was in hundreds of different formats. The data had to be migrated to Azure for consolidation and curated and converted to FDA approved formats.

    We did a detailed data assessment and planning exercise which included studies data across thousands of studies, grouping the study data based on affinity of data sets, source and structure and migrated the data to Azure.

    The standardization of all data into a single format and Integration of all data sources into one platform led to enabling advanced data query capability accelerating scientific insights and predictive toxicology efforts. This translated into both improving patient outcomes, and reducing the cost of healthcare delivery.

    The data sets consolidation and migration to Azure done by Incedo have greatly improved our efforts towards Predictive toxicology

    Vice President of a Large Life Sciences firm

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