Strategic Partnership between Incedo and Splice Machine to Help Organizations Make Faster, More Data-Driven Decisions

San Francisco, CA – July 27, 2016 – Splice Machine, the open-source SQL RDBMS  powered by Hadoop and Spark, today announced that it has entered a strategic partnership with Incedo, a technology solutions provider specializing in data and analytics, product engineering and emerging technologies. The partnership will generate solutions to help enterprises consolidate, store, and centrally manage all of their data, as well as accelerate data processing for faster data-driven decision making.  

"Enterprises are challenged by the constant need to improve the performance of their data ingestion and processing,” said Krishnan Parasuraman, VP of Sales and Business Development, Splice Machine. “We continuously hear from our customers that their business users can’t make timely decisions on their data due to this processing lag. The alliance between Splice Machine and Incedo enables us to package their expertise in data management and data integration with Splice Machine’s dual-engine RDBMS technology to bring a powerful, affordable and scalable data processing platform to our clients.”

Through the partnership, Incedo has incubated a team of certified specialists to work on the Splice Machine solution, with the aim of providing IT consulting, architecture, systems integration and maintenance services for clients in the financial, pharmaceutical and healthcare, as well as telecommunications industries who want to leverage Big Data-powered platforms for their mission critical data and analytics intensive application needs.

"At Incedo, we are always keen to partner with innovative product firms in our areas of focus – Data, Analytics and Emerging Technologies,” said Rena Nigam, President – Global Solutions and Services, Incedo. “We are happy to partner with Splice Machine, as their disruptive technology enables our clients to leverage Big Data at scale with dramatically reduced timelines and costs.” “Enterprises are increasingly becoming more customer-centric by offering solutions that drive real-time decisions; Splice Machine enables them to achieve that goal.”

About Splice Machine

Splice Machine is disrupting the $30 billion traditional database world with the open-source RDBMS powered by Hadoop and Spark, for mixed operational and analytical workloads. The Splice Machine RDBMS executes operational workloads on Apache HBase and analytical workloads on Apache Spark. Splice Machine makes it easy to create modern, real-time, scaleable applications, or to offload operational and analytical workloads from expensive Oracle, Teradata, and Netezza systems. Typical use cases are ETL, operational reporting or real-time applications.

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About Incedo

Incedo is a technology solutions provider specializing in Data, Information Management, Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Emerging Technologies. Incedo has deep-rooted industry expertise in financial services, life sciences and communication engineering. Headquartered in the Bay Area, Incedo has offices across North America, South Africa and India. Its young, agile team consists of industry practitioners who understand the business needs of their clients. Incedo, formerly the technology division of the $4 billion conglomerate Indiabulls, works with four of the top ten life sciences and pharmaceutical companies, one of the top telecommunications companies in the world and some of the nation’s largest financial services firms.

Since its inception in 2011, Incedo has experienced growth of over 600% and has been recognized as one of the top “Ten Emerging Analytics Start-ups to Watch” by Analytics India Magazine.

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