Sales & Marketing Operations

We work closely with our clients and support them in improving their decision-making by extracting meaningful insights from their data investments, integrating market information, and internal and external data. These insights help guide new product launches, inform promotional campaigns and improve other aspects of sales and marketing efforts. Our teams bring deep knowledge of pharma processes and leverage our technology solutions to address challenges in the life sciences industry.

Master Data Management (MDM)

Quality master data is one of any organization’s core business objectives. It needs to be carefully managed, distributed, access controlled and most importantly, consistent across the enterprise. We help create strategies that provide a single 360° view of data across the organization.

The creation of a centralized master data management (MDM) solution primarily involves the identification of common business definitions and management processes for both business and reference data. An MDM solution should be flexible, built for data variability and scalable.

Our Approach
Our cloud-based solution integrates data quality management and end-to-end data warehousing to help ensure a smooth implementation of a data governance strategy. Our deep knowledge in enterprise relationship planning (ERP) and business intelligence (BI) enables us to provide innovative solutions for all MDM needs.

By implementing our MDM solutions, customers have access to various offerings:

  • Ad-hoc Reports & Dashboards
  • Alignment Master & Targeting
  • Customer Data Management
  • Customer Master Data
  • Statistical Programming & Monitoring of Research
CRM, Data Warehouse, Sales/Activity/Spend Reporting

Pharmaceutical companies spend a large percentage of their revenues on R&D and marketing, in addition to taking huge losses on clinical drug trials where up to 90% of them fail. As such, it is imperative they employe detailed and reliable systems to track spending.

Our Approach
Our simple, yet flexible CRM-based solutions are fully customizable to meet every client’s unique needs. Spend reporting is an important downstream system, and we provide a number of customizable reports for this based on the client requirement and specific business models using our existing solution accelerators.

Listed below are a few BI reports for spend reporting:

  • Spend ROI Analysis
  • Spend Reporting Dashboards
Data Stewardship

High-quality data is a competitive asset to any organization, allowing them to leverage meaningful insights into well-informed business decisions. Data stewardship is a concept that delivers relevant, high-quality data along with an effective governance strategy for maintaining that data and keeping it relevant.

Our Approach
Our data management services are designed to deliver clean, consistent and complete information in a timely manner. Our data stewardship services are flexible to accommodate different business needs, and we customize our framework to write business specific rules for your organization. We drive the implementation and enforcement of requirements for services including, but not limited to, data management, data brokering, customer data integration and data appends.


  • Initial Data Quality Assessment
  • Data Quality Reporting and Cleansing
Incentive Compensation

Incentive compensation is motivational fuel for any sales model, and that includes pharmaceutical models that improve local targeting and resource allocation while addressing customer needs.

Our Approach
We provide end-to-end incentive compensation solutions for customers. There are three critical elements:

  • Capturing the right sales data
  • Creating reports based on products, geography and incentive rules
  • Handling sales organization queries

We offer the ability to manage and/or deploy complete incentive management solutions that:

  • Manage data flow into a central repository
  • Create and distribute relevant information for the sales team
  • Operationally manage queries for errors/ correction from the sales team
Mobile Employee & Customer Engagement

Mobile technology is a core component of IT today—it’s a need for users to have all information at their fingertips. Most companies are now in a race to migrate to mobile platforms to keep themselves ahead of the competition. Mobile applications have become a common communication standard for many companies and are now used as an effective engagement tool for dispersed workforces.

Our Approach
Our advanced real-time mobility solution for sales force users is scalable, flexible and tailor-made for businesses regardless of what stage they are at within their mobility implementation plan. With a rich experience in providing mobile device management solutions, we also provide quick and easy customization of frameworks for trading, 3D rendering/visualization, image manipulation and location-based service framework.

We provide a host of services related to mobility solutions:

  • Mobility Consulting & Development: We help organizations in product strategy development and mobile app development.
  • Mobile App Testing: We provide end-to-end mobility testing solutions for the purpose of quality auditing.
  • Mobile Device Management & Customization: We build customized mobile device management solutions and also provide customization of ready frameworks based on client requirements.
Sales Operation Support

The sales operation process is a vital contributor to smooth business operations and accounting functions. It is the driving force for productivity improvements across sales. In today’s world, when speciality products manufactured by companies need to reach a niche audience, the need for automated sales operations and support is a must.

Our Approach
We enable operations of support by ensuring the sales operation teams get accurate, complete information at the right time.

Our varied sales operation support services can be broadly categorized in the following manner:

  • Sales Force Automation: This includes SFDC configuration, maintenance, support, integration and implementation of and Veeva.
  • Sales Operations Management: This entails managing the inflow of data from source systems, timely processing into a central repository and outflow to destination systems.
  • Adhoc Queries: We help companies manage timely response to queries.
Speaker Program Support

Speaker program initiatives are an effective way to market new drugs for pharma companies. Doctors and other healthcare professionals with real-world clinical experience in specific therapeutic areas are uniquely qualified to educate and inform their peers about the medicines they prescribe.

Our Approach
We offer pharma companies a complete analysis tool to measure the effectiveness of their speaker programs. On the basis of this analysis, the companies can determine if they have reached the predicted target audience and the desired benefits in terms of increased revenue for the company.

Our speaker program effectiveness offerings are as below:

  • Dashboards for Speaker Program Analytics: We help create dashboards for analyzing field marketing responses and speaker responses on the programs, included metrics on effective speaker utilization, satisfaction levels of field marketing teams and speakers.
  • Field & Speaker Satisfaction Analysis
  • Speaker Program Activity Trends

Data Quality & Enrichment

Data Quality and Enrichment services are fundamental to ensuring data reliability. Improved Data Quality help businesses make better data-driven decisions with augmented, accurate and complete HCP/HCO information.
Pharmaceutical organizations achieve better productivity from Sales Force, reach better prospects, and perform more accurate analysis, thereby design superior marketing strategies.

Benefits for Pharma companies:

  • Improved Rep Productivity
  • Efficient call planning
  • Enhanced segmentation
  • Focussed targeting
  • Improved Sample Activity
  • Reduce Compliance and Regulatory Risks

Our Approach

Incedo offers Data Quality and Enrichment services to enable clients support their Data Governance framework and monitor data quality on a regular basis. Using a combination of manual as well as automated services, Incedo helps in adding value, improving quality and creating meaningful insights for clients.


  • Data Validation & Verification
  • Data Enrichment / Rebuild Missing Data
  • De-Duplication of Data
  • Data Standardization
  • Data Processing
  • Data Conversion
  • Data search online
  • Automated Data Entry
  • Data Set merging

Incedo Tools & Accelerators

Incedo accelerators and robotic process automations for Data quality improvement expedite the data cleansing and enrichment process and help improve productivity for Sales force & Sales Operations teams.

Data Quality Measurement

Incedo’s Data Quality System uses public and commercial databases for data validation and for calculating the accuracy score of data based on the measures like Accuracy, Completeness and Consistency. The output is a Data Quality score which can be used as a threshold to measure the quality of data coming in from various sources.

data quality

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Incedo’s RPA brings forth the implementation of rule-based workflows and pattern recognition by “digital” robots coded to perform high-volume, repeatable tasks which previously required substantial human intervention. RPA is an enabler for organizations to drive cost efficiencies (in the range of 20%-30%) in addition to optimized & outsourced processes.


Repeatable tasks like Data Entry, Data De-duplication and Data Standardization can be converted to rule-based workflows which can be in turn be fed into an RPA engine. This can reduce the effort by more than 30 %, improving efficiency and productivity. RPA solutions can also operate on structured data, rules & workflow-based processes to more complex solutions that can learn and provide decision making by blending elements of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML) for repetitive usage, without any human intervention. Output of one RPA can be input for another process as well and they can be linked together to provide end-to-end automation coverage.

Product Launch Support

We help our clients better understand the effectiveness of their sales force, marketing efforts, operational efficiencies and overall brand reach by building systems that help analyze and interpret data to support data-driven decision making as they move toward launching new products.

Brand Management

The pharmaceutical industry is highly competitive, yet fragmented. Each organization has a very complex business model with numerous stakeholders. Having a powerful brand is a crucial point of differentiation from the competition and creates a platform to build a relationship with customers and HCP’s on an individual basis. Transforming that brand into a digital presence is critical to success in today’s marketing environment, providing touchpoints with customers where they live online.

Our Approach

Creating a brand is not enough. It is important to manage and market the brand effectively across all channels of communication to be able to reach out to all target audiences. At Incedo, we help companies create interactive marketing programs with end-to-end solutions that successfully reach their demographics. Our marketing strategies are the right mix of creative and complex development, which are essential for effective marketing reach with today’s techno-savvy consumers.


Our offerings in brand management can be broadly categorized as follows:

  • Ad Technology & Integration
  • Brand Communication Planning
  • Campaign Planning & Development
  • Competitive Landscape Mapping, Audience Segmentation & Opportunity Profiling
  • Content Management
  • CRM Platforms
  • Digital Marketing & Analytics
  • Mobile - Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Response Forecasting & Performance Modelling
  • Search Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Platforms, Monitoring
  • Web Design, Development & Support
Commercial Operations

The pharma industry builds its sales forces and refines its marketing practices to target primary care physicians and sell their products. Today, these operations consume around 25% of a company’s revenues. In spite of spending a considerable amount, these operations are increasingly ineffective due to restricted access of sales representatives to physicians and regulatory pressures. Using methods of data analysis to improve operations can help pharama companies gain an important edge over the competition by improving their marketing track record.

Our Approach

Today's commercial operations have moved beyond a spreadsheet culture by applying analytics to derive evidence-based insights for improved business performance. We provide end-to-end implementation services for BI applications including measuring sales force effectiveness, sales performance analysis, claims data management, promotional mix and spend ROI analysis.


Our varied commercial operations offerings can be broadly categorized into the following business areas:

  • Ad Technology & IntegrationMultichannel Customer Analytics: Capture and continuously analyze data to inform segmentation, messaging and channel mix.
  • Brand Planning & Campaign Management: Conduct customer segment-based analysis with customizable messaging and segment-based marketing objectives for brands.
  • Speaker Program Analysis: Analyze the activities related to speaker programs.
  • Survey Analysis: Analyze survey responses and interpret insights.
  • Spend Analysis: Analyze the amount spent on different activities such as speaker program, brand messaging, etc.
  • Performance Management: Analyze programs for incentive compensation to determine use and effectiveness.

Pharma companies often face challenges in controlling inventory levels, simultaneously fighting increased costs due to excessive inventory while also losing customers due to drug shortages. Hence, these companies need a strong forecasting system to drive their decisions and optimize their resources.

Our Approach

We provide innovative forecasting solutions for pharma companies that can give customized insights using advanced quantitative and qualitative methodologies combined with our extensive industry knowledge.


We offer a wide range of forecasting services which include:

  • Digital Marketing Analytics
  • Evaluation of New Products (Success Factor)
  • Inventory Dashboards
  • Macro Trends Shaping Markets
  • Sales Trends
Marketing Mix Modelling

Along with R&D, pharma companies spend a large chunk of their revenues in order to market their products. The more a company can employ technology-enabled analytics to make informed decisions aroung how much and where to invest in those marketing efforts, the more successful they will be.

Our Approach

With our vast experience, information assets and robust tools, we can provide a necessary marketing edge to pharma firms over their competition.


We offer a wide range of marketing mix optimization techniques which include:

  • Assessment of patient-driven programs and tactics
  • Digital marketing insights
  • Evaluation of specific tactics, including sales force samples, detailing, meetings, events, Internet media, direct-to-consumer TV ads, telemarketing and print ads
  • Competitive Landscape Mapping, Audience Segmentation & Opportunity Profiling
  • Historical analysis of past spend
  • Predictive modelling to guide future spend
  • Spend ROI analysis
Sales Force Sizing

The sales force is a key ingredient to a successful relationship between an organization and its customers. Companies need to have the best sales force to generate the most sales, in addition to knowing how to integrate strategic business objectives with selection program strategies. Sales representatives in leading companies now have the responsibility of delivering marketing messages and offering information and educational opportunities to physicians in order to build and change behaviours and relationships.

Our Approach

In recent years, there has been a change of direction in the pharmaceutical industry regarding methods for effective selling. Due to market dynamics, companies are under pressure to generate more profits with even smaller sales forces. At Incedo, we assist companies in creating a strategic sales model to enhance its sales force effectiveness. The benefits of such a model are:

  • Determining the optimal sales force size and structure based on business goals and economic trade-offs
  • Estimating realistic forecasts for the entire product portfolio based on real-time resource constraints and overlaps across products
  • Aligning sales force size and structure to keep portfolio objectives in view


Our varied sales force effectiveness offerings include:

  • Incentives: Sales force and management incentive scheme modelling and sales target forecasting
  • Resource Optimization: Size, structure, roles and focus of sales force activity (targeting, frequency and coverage)
  • Segmentation & Targeting: Customer targets, prescribers and influencers defined by value
  • Training & Competencies: Ability of sales force to get the company message delivered effectively, including coaching and competencies
  • Salesforce Planning: Ability and tools of sales force to effectively plan at a territory and customer level
  • Measurement: Ability to monitor sales force metrics and make tactical decisions
Thought Leader Analytics

Pharmaceutical companies generally engage key opinion leaders early in the drug development process to provide advocacy activity and key marketing feedback. Often key opinion leaders (KOLs) are chosen more for their high prescribing habits than for their knowledge or other attributes that would enable them to influence their peers. Physicians are more interested in true thought leaders who have credentials such as academic standing and/or have performed clinical trials, than ones who are simply sponsored by a pharma company.

Our Approach

a brand is not enough. It is important to manage and market the brand effectively across all channels of communication to be able to reach out to all target audiences. At Incedo, we help companies create interactive marketing programs with end-to-end solutions that successfully reach their demographics. Our marketing strategies are the right mix of creative and complex development, which are essential for effective marketing reach with today’s techno-savvy consumers.


Listed below are a few services provided in this area:

  • KOL Identification
  • KOL Management
  • KOL Mapping
  • KOL Profiling
  • Reporting & Visualization
    • Brand Messaging
    • Face to Face Vs. Non-Face to Face Activity Breakdown
    • Reach & Frequency Analysis
    • Referral Analytics
    • TLL Effectiveness


In order to gain competitive advantages, pharma companies are updating their existing operating models to incorporate more technically advance systems and insights. One way to accomplish this is to outsource parts of the operating model process in order to increase efficiency. We aim to help companies transform their end user experience by building future-ready systems that improve their overall operations processes.

Research and Development

R&D is the backbone of pharma companies, requiring a long, highly collaborative process. If mismanaged, it can be disastrous for the company, both in terms of financial outlooks and brand reputation. We help our clients succeed at R&D by building systems that help them make more informed decisions, improving efficiencies and reducing their time-to-market.


Innovation is the key to success in all industries these days. Availability of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data has opened many avenues to reduce R&D spend and improve Health Care. Strong competition requires R&D department to constantly support innovation and optimization of products and services. INCEDO offers an intuitive, easy-to-use NGS platform that combines proven analytical pipeline using relevant public and private data, allowing life science researchers to analyze, visualize, interrogate, and manage next generation sequencing data to accelerate exploration and discovery. We provide scalability to our clients without having them to invest in IT infrastructure. Our customers use the INCEDO NGS analytic platform for biomarker discovery, diagnostics and comparison of different methods for translational research.

  • WGS DNA-Seq Variant Analysis: Identification of SNP, CNVs, InDels and other disease-causing gene variants; biomarker identification for a disease by evaluation of the whole genome DNA sequencing (WGS DNA-Seq) data.
  • Exome DNA-Seq Variant Analysis: Identification of SNP, CNVs, InDels and other disease-causing gene variants; biomarker identification for a disease by evaluation of the Exomic region’s sequencing data of genome (Exome-Seq).
  • Targeted DNA-Seq Variant Analysis: Identification of SNP, CNVs, InDels and other disease-causing gene variants; biomarker identification for a disease by evaluation of the specified genomic region’s sequencing data.
  • mRNA-Seq analysis: They provide precise measurement of strand orientation, uniform coverage, and high confidence mapping of alternate transcripts and gene fusion events.
  • Small RNA-Seq Expression Analysis: Analysis of millions of small RNA sequences with unprecedented sensitivity and dynamic range, for both small RNA discovery and profiling applications. It helps biologist to discover novel miRNAs and other small non-coding RNAs as well. Small RNA analysis is powerful enough to characterize variations such as isomiRs with single-base resolution without the prior sequence or secondary structure information of hair-pin precursor.
  • Exosome RNA-Seq Expression Analysis: It is an emerging analytical platform to elucidate role of endosome-derived specific RNA transcr ipts in major biological processes like angiogenesis, cell proliferation, tumor cell invasion and metastasis, immune response, and antigen presentation by the transfer of proteins, mRNAs and non-coding RNAs to neighboring or distant cells.
Bioinformatics Platform

Created by biologists for life science researchers, the Incedo Analytic Platform integrates everything you need to analyze, visualize, explore and manage your NGS data in an easy-to-use system without the need for bioinformatics expertise or large-scale computing infrastructure.

  • Quick and easy uploading of your NGS data
  • Powerful, industry-standard open source tools
  • Ready to use, carefully constructed pre-configured pipelines
  • Sharing and collaboration
  • Integration of public and private data sets to add context
  • On-demand computing power and storage to rapidly scale to almost any size project
  • Pay-per-sample pricing scales with your project needs
  • Custom Service Development