Product Engineering

Increasing the product development velocity to compete in the cloud first market

We work with clients to transform legacy products, create cloud ready market aligned products delivered with an increased engineering velocity that reduces the time to market, allowing product organizations to maximize core business revenues and open up opportunities to generate new revenue streams.

We believe that a Product Engineering partnership is more than creating engineering capacity – it requires:

  • Alignment with strategic business needs and the ability to drive innovation with high velocity R&D execution
  • A deep understanding of the challenges and risks with global product development teams
  • An agile, product-centric execution mindset that cuts across organizational and geography constraints
  • An ability to execute on a cloud/SaaS journey in a phased manner

Enterprise Software Product Development

Every existing business is facing disruption in one way or the other, how the organizations will end up developing and adopting software products and solutions will decide the fortune for these enterprises. Incedo specializes in accelerating the development of enterprise software products not just for today but also for tomorrow.

Innovation & Thought Leadership
    Product Management
      Software Product Development
        Product Validation and Integration
          Product Lifecycle development and support
            Field Deployment & Professional Services
              Creation of New Offshore Development Centre

                Benefits of working with Incedo

                          Typical Impact delivered (KPIs)

                          Overall Contribution
                          • 70% contribution to new and strategic initiatives of our clients
                          • 30% focus on addressing continuous developments requests from end clients
                          Engineering Metrics
                          • 60% increase in defect fix count for releases
                          • 40% reduction in release cycle time by automating manual work
                          • 70% reduction in response time (MTTR) to customer escalations achieved within 2 months of starting operations
                          • Avg. Launch time for new SaaS platform (production environment) is 6-8 months from team build-out
                          • 70% testing effort reduction through E2E test automations
                          Offshore Development Centre Metrics
                          • End to end ODC setup in 45 days from infra build to initial team on-boarding

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