Customer Insights


We take an integrated, analytics/ ML
powered transformation approach to help our
clients deliver a superior customer experience

In today’s increasingly data rich world, Incedo’s end-to-end customer engagement approach, powered by Analytics/ML, enables our clients gain a deeper understanding of their customers.

Personalize product/service offerings, deliver superior omni-channel experience, minimize customer churn for a higher share of customer wallet and lifetime value.

Our Services

Customer Insights Framework

Achieve business impact and increase customer life-time-value by optimizing experiences and enhancing engagement across customer touch-points.

Integrated Customer Journey

  • Product, Pricing, Offer, Channel
  • Issues, queries, claims
  • Channel mix
  • Service fulfilment & satisfaction
  • Cross sell/Up sell
  • Offers, Pricing
  • Churn management
  • Retention offers

Customer Touch-point Integration (Process & Technology)

Personalization Hub
Segmentation Engine
Intent Prediction Engine
A/B Testing Engine
Data Discovery
Customer Journey Analysis
Performance Dashboards

Enterprise Data Lake

Internal Data
Customer Attributes
Behavioral Attributes
Service Attributes
External data