Solution features

  • Industrial Network Appliance Development
    • Complete Product development for Industrial Switches, Routers, Firewalls
    • Product Roadmap and end-customer engagement for solution and application definition in Energy, Infrastructure and Utility
    • System hardening, security/vulnerability management for embedded software
  • Industrial IoT Gateway and Network Solution
    • Wireless gateway for Industrial IoT - ground up design and embedded software development
    • Modernization path for existing product with step-upgrades for reducing loss of revenue during product evolution
    • Support for Compliances and Certification including operator onboarding and global wireless applicability
  • NMS modernization
    • Complete ground-up build out for Cloud (public/Enterprise) based solution for global Industrial IoT operations
    • Extension of capability model from original L2 Switches to routers, firewalls, Industrial devices and sensors (Industrial IOT)
    • Intent based configuration and support for Analytics and ML based north bound applications
    • Incedo participation in key UX and UI conversation
  • US/EU Technical Support
    • Technical support for Industrial network equipment including Switches, Routers and Firewalls
    • Support to customer's tier 1 Solution Integrators and Automation Solution Provides in mission critical applications

Scale of the Project

  • 30 variants of industrial switching/routing products