Our client, a leading American multinational computer software technology corporation that provides speech recognition and artificial intelligence software, was looking to upgrade its systems to keep up with the market demands and business requirements. The company had to accelerate product upgradation and application development and optimize and manage large scale operations on cloud from its legacy systems to stay relevant and competitive.

To help transition to modern cloud-based infrastructure, Incedo build solutions that involved upgrading applications to latest stable ruby version along with all third party software and seamless deployment by integrating Docker with Jenkins for application on staging, migrate staging cluster to Microsoft Azure and deploy Azure Kubernetes Service cluster.

The efforts resulted in the following:

Seamless execution of the transition with integrated agile delivery spanning US and India.

Cost efficiencies and savings through optimization of resources and using open source technologies.

Reduced time to market with shorter cycle times, enhanced delivery efficiency with agile mode, in a sprint cycle of 2 weeks, leading to 15-30% reduction in problem resolution time.

60% issues reduction and better quality, stable deliverables with Integrity of business rules across applications, products and downstream systems.

In-house scalable solutions provided for storage, infrastructure and queuing mechanism, customization of up to 30% to address bespoke customer requirements.


Accelerate business with proven DevOps Practices, Tools and Services that demand continuous and frequent delivery to shorten the life-cycle of development and Testing.

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