About the Customer

    Tripwire, a leading global provider of security and compliance solutions for enterprises and industrial organizations, wanted to take certain features of their existing product to cloud, as part of expanding their offerings. This was part of their long-term road map keeping in mind the following:

    • To be competitive in today’s world where lot of applications have Cloud footprint and new offerings and innovations are mostly driven by Cloud.
    • Enable speed to market, rapid cycle time, rapid feature rollouts and rapid response to customer feedback.

    What Incedo Did

    Incedo was chosen as a trusted partner to build a SaaS based platform with a focus on following :

    • Micro services based architecture with every service being containerized with a focus on orchestration
    • Highly secure design with a focus on security at every layer of app design
    • CI/CD pipeline to enable faster time to market
    • Continuous monitoring and alerting


    SaaS-based analytics and reporting

    SaaS-based analytics and reporting – A unified SaaS application that offers Vulnerability Management and Security Configuration Management reports to empower CISOs, CIOs and IT security leaders

    automate report generation and delivery

    Customers can now schedule date and time as per their convenience to automate the report generation and delivery

    SaaS robust monitoring, alerting and security

    A SaaS platform with robust monitoring, alerting and security features inbuilt